My Everyday Diamond Earrings

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My Everyday Diamond Earrings

Can you honestly say you have a pair of diamond earrings you wear every day? The thought might sound outlandish, but then again, why not? Why save your special jewellery only for those rare events for which you believe wearing it is justified? If you own it, enjoy it!

Arabel Lebrusan Everyday Diamond Heart Earrings

"I wear my favourite Diamond Heart Earrings everyday. Whether I'm going down a gold mine in Colombia or collecting an award in my best dress! They are with me wherever I go."

Most women go through a phase of wearing costume jewellery that’s inexpensive, and often garish. This is perfectly normal in our younger, more carefree years, but as you start to get older you realise it would be very nice to have “real” jewellery – the kind that tells people you’re a bona fide grownup. Diamond earrings are the most logical place to start with your new, more sophisticated accessory collection. They’re glamorous, classic, and go with absolutely everything.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you’re on the other side of the equation, looking for a gift that will captivate her attention and give her even more reason to love you with all her heart, diamond earrings are the solution you’ve been hoping for. You know your partner best, but we dare say that very rare is the woman who isn’t blown away when her significant other presents her with a gift of jewellery; particularly handcrafted, ethically sourced jewellery like the incredible works from Arabel Lebrusan.

Diamond Heart Earrings

Nothing says “I love you” quite like our Diamond Heart Earrings. Ravishing in their simplicity, they’re dressy enough to put an evening gown over the top into a truly spectacular, elegant look. Yet they’re also classic enough in design to wear to work every day with anything she happens to put on.

Best of all, these brilliant earrings are made of Fairtrade Certified white gold, and set all around the entire heart with high quality conflict-free diamonds.

"Not only are these ethically sourced and handmade, these diamond heart earrings are perfect worn with anything."

If you’ve waited just a bit too long to plan for that upcoming birthday or anniversary, you’ll have no problem making a huge impression on her – and convincing her that you’ve put a considerable amount of planning into her gift.

Bespoke Diamond Earrings

Arabel Lebrusan

Do you have a design in mind for diamond earrings? We offer a bespoke service where you can put your ideas into action. Get in touch for your custom-made consultation with Arabel and set the wheels in motion to create your unique jewel. 

Whether you’re in search of a responsibly produced, handcrafted item that will put a radiant smile on your loved one’s face, or you’re looking to treat yourself to your first pair of proper diamond earrings, Arabel Lebrusan can provide you with stunning jewellery that will last a lifetime.

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Helen Dredge
Helen Dredge