How Do I know the diamond is ethical?

Dear Arabel,
I am looking for an ethical engagement ring and love your designs! As ethics is very important to me I just want to check how you can tell the diamond in my ring is 100% conflict free? Can you get Fairtrade diamonds?
Phoebe, Winchester

Dear Phoebe,

I am glad to see a customer very conscious about ethical issues.

The level of traceability of the stone depends partly on which size you go for as we offer two types: Canadian origin, conflict free, fully traceable, for diamonds of 0.3ct upwards. And African origin, conflict free, semi-traceable, for stones below 0.3ct.

A Canada mark diamond will be either from the Ekati mine or Diavik mine in Canada. When the perfect stone has been selected for you, it will come with a GIA certificate as well as a Canada mark card with your stone's unique number (which will also be engraved on the stone) and info on origin etc... So you can be sure exactly where the stone has come from.

Due to the impossible supply of small diamonds from Canada I have currently found some very nice diamonds from De Beers that come from one of these 3 countries, Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. We call these diamonds semi-traceable, as the origin of your diamond could be from one of these 3 countries. They come from the diamond supplier with a conflict-free guarantee stated in their invoice but they are not 3rd party guarantee.

The ethical diamond market is currently very limited. We are still far away from a 3rd party certification system similar to the Fairtrade gold certification. I am always working towards getting the best ethical option for my customers at their price range, and these options are constantly moving.

I am aware that this email might not be what you wanted to hear, but as a Fairtrade gold licencee I prefer to explain you the available options that we have so you can make an informed decision.


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