How to work out the ring size?

Dear Arabel,
I am ready to order the engagement ring but I don’t know what ring size to get, help!
Antonio, Bristol

Hi Antonio,

Not to worry! There are a number of ways to work out/estimate the size. I am assuming your partner does not know about the ring???

Obviously the best option would be for her to get her ring finger measured at any high street jewellers, but if this is not an option there are other ways.

Could you get hold of one of her rings to measure perhaps? If you are not able to take it away without her noticing we have the printable sizing GUIDE. Simply place the ring over the guide till you find a size that matches - be sure to print it to scale.

If she does not wear jewellery it is a bit more tricky but you could perhaps get one of her friends in on the surprise and ask them to slyly suggest she tries some rings on (this can be a risky option though!) You could also compare her finger to one of yours and measure the one that is closest - this would be a last resort though as it would not be very accurate.

If after all your efforts you find when you pop the question that the size still isn't perfect we do offer a FREE ring resizing within the first year, so you can worry less about the size and focus more on the big question ;)



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