I'm going to do it and I need a ring fast!

Dear Arabel,
I would like to propose while on holiday in June (the 15th) however I see your rings take 6 weeks to make, is there anyway would can get the ring to me sooner??
Scott, Kent

Hi Scott,

This will depend slightly on the ring however we do offer a fast track service enabling us to make the ring in closer to 4 weeks? which would be just in time for you! Currently, the fee for this would be £200 and can be purchased at the same time as your engagement ring using GIFT VOUCHERS on the site.

We also offer a sample proposal service for people who need a ring quickly or are a bit unsure of the style, where we loan out one of our samples for the proposal.

This is how it works. You pay a deposit, we post you the ring and you can use it to pop the question. Then, when you are ready to place the order for the real thing, post the sample back to us and we would simply deduct the deposit from the cost of your final ring. We ask that you return the ring to us within 2 weeks.

Our samples look as great as the real thing! They are made with silver, some have a yellow gold plating, and they are finished with Cubic zirconia stones. We generally have one of each variation. We may not always have a sample of the exact colour metal or the exact ring size, but you will be able to see the craftsmanship, shape and how they sit on the finger. And by having it on her finger there are many more chances that she doesn't want to get it off any more... then you know you have found the perfect ring!


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