"SHE SAID YES! :) Originally I had planned for the solstice but I got overly excited last Thursday and set the wheels in motion! Rachel came home from work, I suggested we had a walk and a picnic for tea [not that unusual for us]. I ran her a bath as a decoy while I filled my backpack with the ring, champagne flutes and some prosecco we picked up in Italy last year [and some food!]. We set off on one of our regular local walks along the canal, we reached our favourite bench and settled down. I told Rachel to close her eyes while I got some "exciting food" out of my bag. Rachel opened her eyes to me on one knee! I asked her the question and she said yes! We didn't have much appetite after that but we did have the prosecco! :P We've spent the time since visiting relatives spreading the news. We both REALLY love the ring, it looks even better on Rachels finger. It's so unique and special. Everyone keeps complimenting Rachel about it. :) Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you! for helping make our proposal perfect"