Edward P - London, UK

"My fiancée and I are over the moon with the peace ethical diamond platinum engagement ring!

It was totally perfect for her hand and her look, and the quality is impeccable. Not only is the ring itself an important thing for us, but also the sourcing of the products that went into making it. The certification given with the ring telling us how it was so ethically sourced was an equally amazing gift and helped us feel safe in the knowledge that the product would not be doing damage to other people and the environment.

The service given by Arabel who I initially spoke to on the phone and then Kim, who was keeping in contact with me throughout the process of the ring being made, was some of the best service I've had in years. We're even getting the ring resized for free, as it was a little too big, and Kim has been amazing at helping my fiancée through this process. Truly wonderful!"

Arabel Lebrusan Peace Ethical platinum engagement ring review testimonial

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