"As a couple we met Kim who brought a nice selection of samples to help us choose our preferred model and measures the size we needed for the engagement ring. We pinned it down to two lovely models and then the remaining part would remain a secret for my fiancée. 

As a man with limited knowledge and feeling about all of this it was great to have Kim supporting me all the way through the process to get to the perfect ring. We had a few ideas to tailor the ring to our wishes and I got super advice, lots of pictures and even video's to pick the right ring model and the right colour, size and even origin of the precious stone. 

At the end I met Arabel, the designer, who handed me the ring in a nice bag and box with all the paperwork which proves the sustainability of the materials used. We had a little chat and she seems a lovely and passionate person and I was happy to have met her.

We had great support throughout the whole journey and it was nice to be updated regularly on the progress they made in making this tiny masterpiece from gemstone supplier to setter etc. You have the feeling they are with you on a treasure hunt and building together with their entire team to get there. Nothing but positive feelings!"