Arabel Lebrusan ethical engagement ring


Why did you go for an ethical gemstone?

I try to live life in an ethical way…from the food I eat to the shops I buy from, and my work with children has an environmental sustainability aspect to it too. 

My engagement and wedding rings were representative of so much happiness in my life, and the thought of sourcing stones that would have caused pain or difficulties for others or damage to the planet felt so at odds with something that was mean to symbolise happiness and love. My fiancé suggested we choose an ethical ring together for my engagement ring because he knew how important it would be to me. 


What do you tell your friends about it?

People often comment on the ring because it is so beautiful and because it is unusual. I explain we chose it from an ethical jewellery designer who made sure the gold was fair-trade and the stone was ethically sourced - and I tell them how Arabel found the perfect colour pink sapphire for the ring!


How does your ethical gemstone make you feel?

It makes me smile inside and out whenever I look at it. is representative of so much love and happiness in my life, and knowing that the people involved in getting it to me were treated fairly means so much. Purchasing an ethical gemstone seems like such an easy thing when it means you are helping others to have the fairer way of living and working that everyone deserves.


Was it easy to find what you were looking for?

Yes, thanks to the amazing Arabel and Kim! They worked so hard to find the perfect stone to go with the rose gold ring we had chosen. Their attention to detail and commitment to finding the perfect stone, in conjunction with their unbelievably friendly service made the whole process a delight from start to finish. Their commitment to ethical practice shines through in everything they do.


Thanks Sarah for your sincerity!  


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