"This is a long overdue note of thank you. My proposal journey was not classic in any way, however, I got through it with the help of Kim. A sincere thank you for kindly helping to turn a once hapless unengaged man to become a happily engaged one. Kim, similarly to a therapist, patiently assisted me throughout the engagement process too. On starting my search I wanted an eco sourced ring. After scouring the net I found Lebrusan and was easily drawn to her classicaly beautiful ring designs. Whilst there is a broad range to cater to most, I was instantly drawn to the many classic designs and beautifully crafted rings on offer. My fiance is very happy with the choice. Most importantly, Lebrusan lent me a replica ring I wanted to propose with for a holiday trip when I hadn't factored the 6 weeks it approximately takes for the ring to be made. The team are very accomodating and their correspondence very quick.  This is an excellent team that can help bumbling amateurs like myself and I feel sure it will look after those that already have clear ideas of design. Check the website. We will undoubtedly return here for our wedding bands and other jewellery. Valentines and birthday jewellery are sorted; for everyone."