2022 Engagement Ring Trends: Our Predictions

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2022 Engagement Ring Trends: Our Predictions

Here at Lebrusan Studio we’re passionate about crafting ethical heirloom jewels that age gracefully, never faltering in their symbolism of eternal love. Engagement rings are designed to be worn forever, and we want you to feel just as proud of yours 20 years down the line as you did on Day One.

Observing trends whilst striving for timelessness might seem paradoxical, but engagement ring trends are often a beautiful encapsulation of a special moment in time; reflective of a shared mood or an exciting new development. As a jewellery designer, we find this ebb and flow of enduring styles fascinating. As an engagement ring shopper, you might find your search for The One a touch less daunting after taking heed of the looks set to define 2022. After all, it’s a year that’s going down in your history books!




When the DeBeers introduced their legendary slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’ in 1947, the decision was unanimous; a single white diamond was synonymous with lifelong love and commitment. But, over the past few years, an increasing number of couples have begun exploring a technicolour dreamworld beyond the age-old diamond standard, as coloured gemstone engagement rings have soared in popularity. 

In particular, we’ve seen demand for brown centrepieces skyrocket in recent months. Broad and variable, this earthy colour range spans from champagne to yellowish, cognac, taupe and everything in between, making for a surprisingly rich pool of options. Complemented by any metal colour and often significantly more affordable than historically more 'desirable' hues, it's no wonder brown sapphires and diamonds are proving a hit with many a modern-day suitor.

Set with a 1.8ct conflict-free chocolate diamond and cast in 18ct recycled rose gold, the rich hues of our bespoke Sigi engagement ring are, together, splendour epitomised.





Reworking existing pieces of jewellery is a clever means of celebrating metals and gemstones already above the ground, avoiding the need for further mining; and it’s no surprise that an increasing volume of engagement ring shoppers are drawn to this eco-friendly opportunity. Conscious consumerism is on the rise, with significant spikes in online search terms like ‘recycled’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ reported last year. Research in 2021 also revealed that a jewel’s sustainability claims are now just as important as its price when shoppers are deciding what to purchase.

What’s more, heirloom jewels are little mementos of what matters most. Almost two years into a global pandemic – two years that have ushered in a multitude of uncertainties and challenges – people are really beginning to look inwards. At this trying time, the importance of family and symbolic value of the engagement ring are perhaps weightier than ever. This year, we expect to see an increased appreciation of family legacies, refurbished gemstones and enduring design.

When Andy came to us with a spectacular 2.5ct old-cut diamond inherited from his grandmother, we knew exactly how to do it justice. With expert hands and a thorough polish, we removed years of residue and scratches. Then, we secured the stone in a traditional four-claw setting to champion its deep, characterful sparkle. In the most romantic gesture imaginable, Andy proposed to the love of his life with this family treasure, glistening with decades of love and happy memories.





Driven by the likes of BridgertonThe Crown and Spencer, this year we expect to see an ever-increasing appreciation of timeless and romantic designs. In particular, we anticipate a surge in demand for rubies and sapphires, halo settings and emblematic details. The beauty of vintage-style features is in their eternal appeal; a trait fundamental of all successful engagement ring designs.

Encasing a 1.63ct oval-cut Australian sapphire in a halo of Canadian diamonds, Robert’s bespoke engagement ring emanates regality. Our favourite part about this one-of-a-kind design is the subtle fennel seed detailing in the ring's shoulders; a historic symbol of protection against evil.





As we all know, there are no rules when it comes to designing an engagement ring. Yours is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun and express yourself authentically. Though the round brilliant-cut solitaire has long reigned supreme as the most quintessential of engagement ring designs, we’re seeing a growing number of requests for gemstones in a variety of fancy cuts, often in contrasting shapes and asymmetrical formations. There is no end to the possibilities offered up by this trend, and it’s this versatility that’s driving its recent surge in popularity.

Inspired by our Marquise Diadem engagement ring, Matt spotted an opportunity to make a memorable statement. The result? A striking marriage of 1.3ct marquise-cut champagne sapphire and 0.2ct round brilliant-cut diamond resting effortlessly against one another.




With conscious consumerism on the rise and mass produced fast fashion withering in appeal, our clients are growing evermore appreciative of considered details and the opportunity to uphold traditional craft. A process that requires immense skill and patience, hand-engraving imbues jewellery with an unrepeatable charm, ensuring that no two engagement rings are exactly the same. Whether inscribing an intimate message inside a band or etching intricate scrolls for the world to see, our master craftsman Darren uses time-honoured tools dating back over 2,500 years in design.

Marrying ornate hand engraving with a playful, Harry Potter-inspired concept, Alex's bespoke engagement ring is an illustration of how historic craft can continue to be embraced in the modern-day context.


Here at Lebrusan Studio, our biggest inspirations are the human beings we meet.When you open your heart to us, we don’t just hear; we listen. If there’s a vision you’d like realised, we’d be honoured to play a part in your unique story. Contact us today to learn more about ourbespoke engagement ring service.


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