Are Diamonds Really A Girl's Best Friend?

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Are Diamonds Really A Girl's Best Friend?

Coloured Gemstones Are In This Season!

Whilst diamonds are a classic element of an engagement ring, sapphire and ruby engagement rings are growing in popularity and helping people to find a really special, standout feature of their engagement ring.

Here at Arabel Lebrusan we have a stunning collection of gemstone rings that give you an extra special alternative to the classic symbol of love that a diamond engagement ring represents.

Arabel Lebrusan Gemstone Engagement Rings
L-R Engagement Rings: Cherry Blossom (Diamond), Royal Oak (Pink Ruby), Foliage (Light Blue Sapphire), Bellis (Ruby)


While diamonds have been a treasured gemstone for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the late 1800s when their use gained popularity with those who could afford them. In the following years the giving of engagement rings with diamonds, grew, and then declined during World War One before it almost stopped completely during the great depression of the early 1930s.

By the start of the Second World War, diamond rings fell out of favour with younger generations and it wasn’t until 1947, when De Beers used the slogan “a diamond is forever” that their growth started to increase. And ever since, it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t think a diamond isn’t a perfect addition to an engagement ring.

But there are now some beautiful alternatives to diamonds that are guaranteed to make the engagement ring you choose stand out from the crowd. Our ethically sourced Ruby and Sapphire engagement rings add a touch of colour and exclusivity that a diamond just can’t achieve.


Without diamonds…


..or maybe with diamonds?


And while a coloured gemstone may be perfect by itself, if you’d still like a bit of diamond sparkle we also offer designs with both coloured gemstones and diamonds so your fiancée can have the best of both worlds.

All our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced and come with certificates of authenticity to reassure you. And for that extra bit of exclusivity, our gemstone engagement rings are also limited edition, with only 25 of each design ever being made.


"We are also more than happy to design a bespoke engagement ring featuring gemstones for a truly unique ring."

By choosing a gemstone engagement ring designed by Arabel Lebrusan, not only will you be giving your loved one a ring that is as individual as they are, but you’ll know that their ring has been made with love, for both the planet and those who have worked hard to get that precious stone to you.

To find out more and see our full collection of dazzling gemstone engagement rings, have a look at our collection online.

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