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Our favourite blue sapphire engagement rings

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Our favourite blue sapphire engagement rings

For many people, the term ‘engagement ring’ evokes images of a brilliant white diamond, perched atop a polished band in the iconic solitaire setting championed by the likes of De Beers and Tiffany. What many don’t know, however, is that blue sapphire engagement rings have served as a symbolic means of expressing love between one and another for thousands of years.



Joshua's bespoke recycled platinum engagement ring, set with a cushion-cut 0.96ct Australian sapphire and a 0.3ct halo and band of traceable Canadian diamonds

Deep blue sapphires have been closely associated with the romantic notions of sincerity, nobility, and faithfulness for millennia. The name ‘sapphire’ itself derives from the Greek word ‘Sappheiros’, meaning blue colour, and its extraordinary hue is the standard against which other blue gemstones like topaz and tanzanite are measured.

The pedestal upon which the blue sapphire lives has bred a universal association between the indigo gemstone and royalty. Whilst the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the blue sapphire protected its wearer from harm, thus devoting it exclusively to society’s elite, medieval kings later donned sapphire jewellery as a form of defence against enemies in battle. It’s thought that this widely recognised connection between sapphires and aristocracy is the root of the term ‘royal blue’.

For the British Royal Family in particular, the blue sapphire is a deeply romantic symbol. One of Queen Victoria’s favourite and most recognisable jewels was a sapphire cluster brooch designed by Garrard, the London-based jeweller behind many of the royal family’s treasures. A wedding present gifted by her beloved Albert the night before they tied the knot, Victoria wore the brooch proudly in her bridal portrait. The ‘royal favourite’ status of the blue sapphire was further cemented when Prince Charles proposed to the late Princess Diana some 141 years later with an 18ct blue sapphire cluster engagement ring. Now worn by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, today Diana’s engagement ring is considered one of the most iconic in history.

Scoring a resilient 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the sapphire is also one of the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world. In fact, the only other natural item capable of scratching a sapphire is a diamond. This toughness makes the sapphire perfect for engagement rings, designed to be worn every day until being passed lovingly down from one generation to the next.

A firm favourite of ours here, the blue sapphire has earned its place in a number of our timeless engagement ring designs…



This one-of-a-kind engagement ring, crafted by our master goldsmith Theo in 18ct recycled yellow gold, is the gift that never stops giving. Up top are three round sapphires of traceable and fair-traded Sri Lankan origin, weighing a substantial 1.08ct in total. The sumptuous saturated hue of these gemstones is not the product of heat treatment, but a natural phenomenon. Gracing the edges of their streamlined rub-over settings are minuscule milgrain beads, whilst delicately hand-engraved leaves quietly adorn the band's shoulders. For one last pleasant surprise, fennel seeds are cut from the under-side of the central setting, revealing the contours of the gemstone that nestles within.

This unique ring is the perfect choice if you’re overcome by the sudden urge to pop the question. Ready to go in a UK Size L, it could be with you in as few as three working days. We’re happy to resize it at any point within the first year, free of charge.



The epitome of jewellery that does good, this engagement ring actively gives back to those responsible for creating it.

Firstly, it’s cast in 18ct yellow Fairmined Ecological Gold, which is extracted without the use of any toxic chemicals whatsoever. Jewellers like us pay a premium for the privilege of using this gold, which is not only mined on a small scale and in an environmentally conscious manner, but can be traced right back to its source in Mongolia. This premium enables us to contribute directly to Fairmined-certified mining operations and their communities, investing financially in environmental preservation and socioeconomic development.

The crown jewel is a 0.79ct pear-cut blue sapphire of fair-traded Sri Lankan origin. Our trusted supplier assures us that this traceable stone is conflict-free, extracted from the ground via fair and safe labour practises, in a mine where preservation of the natural environment is prioritised.

A little like our sapphire trilogy engagement ring, this one is ready to wear in a UK Size L and free to resize once any time within the first year of purchase.



A delicate and seriously sparkly symbol of intent, our Cybele boasts a raised central setting, enabling light to enter and leave its oval centrepiece from every possible angle. Add a slender band encrusted with tiny brilliant-cut diamonds, the 360-degree brilliance of this engagement ring pays homage to its namesake, one of the largest asteroids in the solar system.

This design is made to order, Created in the UK by skilled craftspeople in London’s famed jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. You may have yours cast in 18ct recycled gold, Fairtrade Gold or Fairmined Ecological Gold, and set with your choice of a 0.5ct or 1ct sapphire.

Because no two gemstones are the same, colours, proportions and estimated carat weight can vary slightly from fancy cut sapphire to fancy cut sapphire. Before manufacturing our Cybele, we’re pleased to offer in-depth information about the sapphire we’ve selected for you.



In Ancient Greek tradition, Hestia was the Goddess of the Family and Home, and the sister of Hera, Goddess of Women. Hestia is an intelligent marriage of modern and timeless. Her streamlined and comfortable rub-over setting positions the striking central gemstone at just the right height to claim the limelight without protruding or catching on clothes, making this thoughtfully designed piece not only kind on the eye, but a pleasure for the contemporary woman to wear. Meanwhile, the intricate scrolls hand-engraved into the delicate gold band showcase the very best of traditional British craftsmanship.

Like our other made to order jewels, any realisation of Hestia bears the Created in the UK mark on the inside of the band alongside its other official hallmarks; proof of authentication and provenance. She also comes with a unique certificate of provenance, detailing her manufacturing journey and the origins of her ethical materials.



Damir's bespoke recycled platinum engagement ring, set with a 7.05ct cushion-cut sapphire, two 0.32ct trillion-cut diamonds and 0.92ct of pave-set diamonds 

Of course, these designs are but the tip of the iceberg. Beautiful engagement rings are incredibly easy to create when ethical blue sapphires are in the equation, and the possibilities know no bounds.

If your imagination is sparked by the prospect of a unique engagement ring, designed specially to celebrate all the quirks that make you you, you’ll be pleased to learn that we offer an award-winning bespoke service and leap at the chance to design one-in-a-million heirloom jewels.

Raiyah's bespoke Fairtrade Gold engagement ring, set with a 7.27mm blue sapphire and 0.15ct of diamonds, all taken from an old jewel and repurposed

Start by perusing our archive gallery of bespoke engagement rings, then give us a shout when you’re ready to get the ball rolling.


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