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Where to Buy an Ethical Engagement Ring in London

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Where to Buy an Ethical Engagement Ring in London

You’re about to devote yourself to a person who’s lovely inside and out. Settling for an engagement ring that’s anything but beautiful to the core too is not an option.

There is such a thing as the perfect ring with ethics to match, and yours is out there. That said, we understand that the search for this unicorn can feel a little overwhelming at first; the words ‘needle’ and ‘haystack’ spring to mind. That’s why we’re here today with our simple guide to sourcing your ethical engagement ring in our formidable capital city.




Believe it or not, it’s possible to enjoy the beautiful materials offered up to us by Mother Earth without exploiting the natural resources of our planet or anyone who inhabits it. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world working hard every day to innovate, develop and provide opportunities for us to do just that; from small-scale and artisanal mining communities in Colombia extracting gold without ravaging the natural environment, to diamond dealers in Hatton Garden repurposing beautiful old gemstones for jewellers like us to reuse.

To begin with, it’s important that you take some time to read up on these processes and materials, thinking carefully about how they each align with your personal priorities. Once armed with this knowledge, you stand in good stead to make informed decisions and sift out any jewellers or designs that don’t quite fit your margins.

To learn more about the likes of Fairtrade Gold, Fairmined Ecological Gold, recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and fair-traded coloured gemstones, check out our Beautiful Ethics pages.




When it comes to choosing an ethical engagement ring – and the jeweller you’d like to provide it – transparency is key. Without knowing the fundamentals of a jewel’s life story, it’s impossible to make an enlightened decision about whether or not it’s the jewel for you. In order to feel confident that the brand supplying you with your special treasure is ethical, it’s worth asking them the following four questions…

  1. WHAT:  What materials make up this piece of jewellery?
    If you want to know exactly which components make up an engagement ring, just ask! Any jeweller who's proud of the metals and gemstones they source will be pleased to talk you through them. If they're unable to answer, that means they don't know - which doesn't bode well. 

    2. WHO: Who made this piece of jewellery?
    Where in the world were the metals and gemstones mined, and under what conditions? After that, where did those materials travel to be manufactured into an engagement ring - and who did that manufacturing? The human beings behind a beautiful piece of jewellery are important and their stories can easily be told when a transparent supply chain is maintained.

    3. HOW: How were the mining and manufacturing processes respectful of Mother Earth?
    Ecological efforts include regeneration of land, protection of waterways, correct waste management and the recycling of materials that are already above ground. These are all steps that can be taken - and arebeing taken. If you can find a jeweller who’s taken the time to incorporate them into their supply chains, you’ve found a jeweller who truly cares.

    4. PROOF?
    Proof of ethical practise is essential. If a jeweller is ethical they’ll hold certifications and want to shout about them from the rooftops! At Lebrusan Studio, we’re Fairtrade and Fairmined certified, and celebrate these achievements with special hallmarks from London’s Assay Office. It’s easy to prove traceability, so if a brand isn’t flaunting theirs with pride, there are probably some questions unanswered.





LEBRUSAN STUDIO • The London Diamond Bourse, Hatton Garden

Of course, it’s only fair to give ourselves a nod!

Behind our unique engagement rings is Arabel Lebrusan; leading visual artist, award-winning jewellery designer and key founder of the ethical jewellery movement. With over fifteen years of experience in jewellery design and a long list of accolades under her belt, Arabel is a multifaceted artist, drawing from a number of cultural and historical inspirations to create timeless heirloom jewels. Our collections are characterised by delicate femininity and intricate hand engravings.

As one of the world’s first ever Fairtrade Gold licensees, Arabel is now proud to offer a variety of other sustainable metals, including 100% recycled platinum and Fairmined Ecological Gold. All of our diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free, sustainably mined and fair-traded, and our jewels are made to order in Hatton Garden by skilled craftspeople who each specialise in their niche.

We’re available by appointment at Hatton Garden’s London Diamond Bourse.


COX & POWER • 10-12 Chiltern Street, Marylebone

Since its first platinum collection in 1987, Cox & Power have been busy crafting unique and tastefully understated engagement rings that always feel one step ahead of their time. Drawing inspiration from the world around them – coastal and urban landscapes alike – the designers at Cox & Power dream up sleek, striking jewels that hint gently at their visual influences.

For their 25th anniversary Cox & Power created the world’s first jewellery in Fairtrade and Fairmined Platinum and have, since then, worked exclusively with certified precious metal. Their striking gemstones are sustainably mined and can each be traced back to their source.

Cox & Power’s artisan boutique in Marylebone offers a calm and inspiring shopping experience, with private appointments bookable any time.


AMANDA LI HOPE • 22 Hatton Wall, Hatton Garden

One of the world’s first Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold licensees, Amanda Li Hope is a designer-maker who marries her background as an architect with her strong ethical values to create clean and precise jewels.

She works openly and in close collaboration with her clients, enabling them to create bespoke designs based their personality and style, capturing a unique narrative every time. Traceability and quality of production are paramount; each piece is crafted from scratch by Amanda in her London studio, from hand alloying her own metals to setting her own conflict-free diamonds and applying textures and final finishes.

Amanda is based in Hatton Garden and available by appointment.


ANNA LOUCAH • Make Space Studios, Waterloo

Anna Loucah is an experienced, multi-award-winning goldsmith who creates luxurious designs inspired by world journeys and mystical imagery. Time spent working with jewellers in India, Hong Kong and Australia early on in her career has fused a sense of age-old tradition with Anna’s bold and contemporary design style. The jewellery she crafts is an endless celebration of colourful gems, distinctive shapes and amuletic strength.

Placing ethical provenance at the heart of what she does, Anna is proud to be one of the UK’s first Fairtrade Gold licensees. She offers a variety of conflict-free diamond and gemstone options, and ensures that her materials are only sourced from independent, reputable suppliers with whom she has established a trusted professional relationship.

Anna is based across studios in Waterloo and Margate, and can be visited in either location by appointment.


THE VINTAGE RING COMPANY • The London Diamond Bourse, Hatton Garden

Alongside Lebrusan Studio, our Creative Director Arabel Lebrusan is the co-founder of The Vintage Ring Company, a jewellery brand designed to inspire others with original and affordable engagement rings from days gone by. Sourced with the utmost care, attention and expertise, The Vintage Ring Company’s pre-loved jewels span in price from £650 to £3,980 and range in provenance from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco epochs right through to this century.

The Vintage Ring Company team are passionate about environmental sustainability. Their collection celebrates materials that are already above the ground, offering engagement ring shoppers the opportunity to choose a sparkling new betrothal jewel without the need for further mining, energy expenditure and potential exploitation. Rather than consuming, their customers are conserving precious little pieces of history.

The Vintage Ring Company’s collection can be viewed by appointment at the historic London Diamond Bourse in Hatton Garden.


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Love, Arabel & Team
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Ruby McGonigle

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