Top 3 Styles of Engagement Rings

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Top 3 Styles of Engagement Rings

"When choosing the right engagement ring to ensure that she will say yes, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is what style she’ll like".

While there are many engagement ring styles out there, there are three that are the most common across all jewellers. These three styles have classic bridal appeal that charm nearly any type of bride.


Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring is one in which there is a single diamond or other gemstone on a band. There are many ways to set the stone, such as with claws like the classic Tiffany ring. The key with this style is that the single stone must be of high quality, because it is the star of the show. It will stand out as the only decoration on the bride’s ring finger, with no other stones to add to the glamor or appeal. This is perfect for brides who love statement jewelry, wow factor, and timeless elegance. You can find solitaire rings in many different cuts, sizes, colours, and other options.

Arabel Lebrusan, Engraved in my Heart Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Ecological Gold

Engraved in my Heart Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Ecological Gold.

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Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring is a central stone surrounded by smaller stones. Usually, the smaller stones surround the entire central stone, but sometimes they will only surround half of the stone. This is a very popular setting going back centuries, for many reasons. It allows smaller, imperfect stones to be used in a way that makes all the stones look more beautiful. It creates the illusion of having a larger stone overall when a huge solitaire ring is out of the budget. And it has a very feminine appeal, especially when the surrounding stones are colored gemstones. One famous example is Princess Diana’s wedding ring, now worn by Kate, which featured sapphires surrounding a diamond. This is perfect for very feminine brides who love romantic, vintage styles.

Arabel Lebrusan, Efflorescence Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold

Arabel Lebrusan, Efflorescence Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold. 

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Trinity Engagement Ring

The trinity ring is a very popular engagement ring setting for modern brides. This ring features a larger, slightly elevated central stone, with two stones on either side. Sometimes all three are diamonds, and sometimes the surrounding stones are other gemstones. In many cases, the surrounding stones are teardrop or petal shaped. The three stones on this ring represent the past, present, and future, which makes it perfect for a bride that loves symbolism and meaning in her jewelry. It’s also a very dainty ring in many cases, perfect for brides that like more understated accessories.

Arabel Lebrusan, Aphrodite Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold

Aphrodite Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold. 

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Choosing a Style

These are just three of the many engagement rings styles that exist, but they are the most common that you’ll see in a jewelry store. Consider what your fiancé loves in terms of their other jewelry. Do they prefer bold statements, romantic and vintage pieces, or dainty, feminine things with meaning? Also, keep in mind the type of wedding band you may want to get. Some rings require specific bands in order to fit snuggly together. This will help you narrow down your options with these three styles of engagement rings.


Arabel Lebrusan
Arabel Lebrusan

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