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Award winning jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan releases new bridal collection made with the world’s most ethical gold

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Award winning jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan releases new bridal collection made with the world’s most ethical gold

Lebrusan’s exclusive new collection of eco-friendly wedding rings, engagement rings and earrings are made from Fairmined Ecological Gold. The first collection of its kind available to the UK market. The reason this gold is the most ethical in the world is that no toxic chemicals are used to extract it from our precious Earth. 

Lebrusan comments, “I believe that we can use the beautiful materials that come from the Earth, without harming our blue planet. I believe that by asking questions, simplifying supply chains and sharing knowledge, we can achieve this. "I have always dreamed of using gold that has been extracted from the Earth without chemicals, so I am extremely excited to be able to do this now.”

Entitled ‘Engraved In My Heart’ each piece is handmade in the UK. The designs feature hand engravings of flowing motifs inspired by nature and symbolic of the interconnectedness of all elements and the continuous cycle of existence. 

Lebrusan explains, “The patterns of cedar leaves, lilac buds and vines represent fertility; hearts represent the love for each other and the eternity symbol unites it all. The collection consists of engagement rings, mix-and-match wedding bands with and without sparkling diamonds, and delicate stud earrings. Customers can choose the same pattern for both engagement and wedding rings, or mix-and-match as they wish. The engagement rings also feature traceable and conflict free Canadian diamonds, one of the most ethical choices for precious gemstones, making the perfect ethical bridal set.

These rings are a beautiful way to express your love for your partner and our planet… at the same time I wanted to create a very playful collection where you can mix-and-match patterns and colour metals to make your unique combinations”. 

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organisations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of. 

Where regular Fairmined Gold is produced with responsible management and reduction of toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide, miners producing Fairmined Ecological Gold do not use any toxic chemicals at all in their extraction processes.

Lebrusan’s supply of Fairmined Ecological Gold comes from the Xamodx Mine in Mongolia. The community now mainly depends on mining for its main source of income. After years of extremely hard and cold winters, livestock farmers were forced to move to an abandoned mine site. With their diminished livestock numbers, the local workers began to focus their activities on mining, their only available alternative to herding. Since 2006, the miners have worked hard to make mining a sustainable livelihood. 

Women miners actively participate in the leadership of the Xamodx mine. Their main goals are to protect human rights and improve livelihoods of legal miners not only in Mongolia but also in Asia as a whole. Furthermore, mining in this community, made up of around 2,000 people, has helped the remaining cattle herds diversify their sources of income.

Lebrusan comments:

“I am really proud to support the Xamodx miners and knowing the positive difference that this makes to the needs of their community. I’m excited that the gold in the collection was from the very first certified mining organisation that produced Fairmined Ecological Gold.”

Lebrusan was one of the first registered jewellers in the UK to use Fairtrade Gold and is now able to give her customers even more options for owning a special piece of jewellery with a story to tell. 

Lebrusan comments:

“Being a Fairmined licensee partners our Fairtrade registration and gives our customers even more choice when it comes to choosing beautiful jewellery inside and out.”

Beautiful design, beautiful craftsmanship and beautiful ethics have been at the core of her business for over a decade. Committed to beautiful jewellery, Lebrusan is an expert on all things ethical in the jewellery world.

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arabel lebrusan
arabel lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan is an artist, designer and pioneer of the ethical jewellery movement, with almost two decades of industry experience behind her. She is a fount of knowledge when it comes to responsible sourcing, sustainable manufacture, and the preservation of traditional craft. Her engaging blog posts range from personal accounts of once-in-a-lifetime sourcing trips to helpful tips for buying and wearing jewellery and opinion pieces on pressing industry matters.