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Runner up in the 2016 East of England Business Champions Green Award

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Runner up in the 2016 East of England Business Champions Green Award, jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan uses Fairtrade and sustainable practices in her award winning jewellery.

Arabel Lebrusan was delighted to be announced runner up in the 2016 East of England Business Champions Green Award at the awards lunch on 25thOctober held in the centre of Luton. Attended by other inspirational businesses in the eastern region, it was a truly motivating event and great to celebrate local success stories.

Lebrusan has been committed to designing and making beautiful jewellery for over a decade and was one of the very first UK jewellery designers to become a Fairtrade gold and silver licensee. 

Working from a small studio in the heart of Bedford with her team of three dedicated women, every piece is designed using the most ethical materials available and finished by skilled craftsmen. With beautiful design, quality and ethics at the core of her business every jewel feels beautiful inside and out.

“We aim to marry luxury with sustainability and I am immensely proud that all our hard work is being recognised.

Back in 2005, there was no beautiful ethical jewellery in the market and I wanted to make a difference, show the world that ethical jewellery can be loved and worn by many.

Through our Fairtrade certification we guarantee that the gold in our jewellery is responsibly sourced.  We are also committed to sourcing responsibly mined diamonds and gemstones, the mining of which we know has not resulted in environmental damage or human rights violations.

Our customers also want to make a difference to the world by choosing to buy beautifully crafted consciously made jewellery and we are thrilled to share the good news with them.”

In her everyday life, Lebrusan and her team support other eco-conscious brands and choose sustainable practices to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Lebrusan is also nominated for E-Tailer of the year in The National Association of Jewellers awards, which takes place in December.

With her growing list of awards and green living lifestyle, Lebrusan is increasingly becoming a point of reference on all things ethical in the jewellery world and beyond.  


Twitter: @ArabelLebrusan

Instagram: @arabellebrusan

Facebook: @ArabelLebrusanJewellery

arabel lebrusan
arabel lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan is an artist, designer and pioneer of the ethical jewellery movement, with almost two decades of industry experience behind her. She is a fount of knowledge when it comes to responsible sourcing, sustainable manufacture, and the preservation of traditional craft. Her engaging blog posts range from personal accounts of once-in-a-lifetime sourcing trips to helpful tips for buying and wearing jewellery and opinion pieces on pressing industry matters.