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Lebrusan Studio begins incorporating recycled diamonds into its luxury collections

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Lebrusan Studio begins incorporating recycled diamonds into its luxury collections

Leading ethical jewellery brand Lebrusan Studio has announced a new offering of recycled diamonds across its collections. Part of the conscious movement towards the use of recycled materials in more of the brand’s pieces than ever before, this is another step in the overall realignment and focusing of the eponymous jewellers.

“We’re in a state of climate emergency,” the brand’s award-winning founder and designer Arabel Lebrusan says. “Global warming has reached crisis point. No matter how fairly traded or carefully sourced, newly mined materials use up valuable resources. It’s vital that we slow down the rate at which we’re currently consuming water, land and energy.”

The recycled diamonds offered by Lebrusan Studio will date back more than twenty years and flaunt vintage cuts. This means that the appeal is not only in their minimal impact on the environment, but in their unique charm. “Old-cut diamonds boast a depth of sparkle that can’t be matched by the surface sparkle of a modern cut diamond; they draw the eye inward,” the brand explains via an informative page on the newly relaunched website. “Because most antique diamonds are cut by hand, they possess a character that can’t be emulated. Each reclaimed stone is unique and full of personality; and we love them for that.”

“Thorough assessment in the first instance ensures that scratches and marks are minimal,” Arabel also assure.

Sustainability has always been the paramount aspect of Lebrusan Studio’s mission statement. The socially responsible and environmentally conscious brand has offered 100% recycled platinum, gold and silver since shop was set up in 2008. Arabel Lebrusan was one of the UK’s first ever Fairtrade Gold licensees in 2011, and in more recent years the brand has offered Fairmined Ecological Gold as an option to customers, too.

“We’re forever proud of our alliances with Fairtrade and Fairmined and will never stop supporting small-scale miners, who still need an income, but it’s time to start striking a balance,” Lebrusan says.

This new offering of recycled diamonds coincided with Lebrusan Studio landing a place on the shortlist for the National Association of Jewellers’ Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year Award; an impressive recognition of the brand’s ethos and efforts.

Lebrusan Studio is also in the running for Website of the Yearat this year’s NAJ Awards, whilst Arabel herself is nominated for the prestigious Designer of the Yearaward.

Earlier this year the brand unveiled its new Hera and Crown collections of ethical rings.

Kim Mundell
Kim Mundell