An engagement ring is one of life’s most important purchases. So it pays to choose wisely.  But alongside the man who has the whole thing sussed, there will be another one who doesn’t know where to start. 

For the unsure, overwhelmed or undecided, award-winning jewellery designer, Arabel Lebrusan, offers exclusive one-to-one consultations to help even the most apprehensive fiancé-to-be decide on The Ring for The One.

Acclaimed for her ready-to-wear bridal collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, Arabel now increasingly works with private clients to create bespoke bridal pieces, each one exquisitely personal and totally unique.

Yet a bespoke engagement ring remains an option many love struck partners don’t even consider. Perhaps because the common perception is that bespoke is just another word for eye-wateringly expensive.

But in reality, this doesn’t have to be the case. Straying from the path of the bigger and better-known jewellery brands to create something unique to you and her, can be done easily within budget.

Any privately commissioned design will almost certainly require an initial deposit, and it’s this, which allows smaller scale designers to cover costs up front and offer flexibility on gem stone size and metalwork detail.

Commissioning a bespoke ring also gives you the opportunity to check that your precious metals and gemstones have been responsibly sourced.  If ethical production and fair trade are important to your betrothed, she’ll love you even more.

Aside from first pinpointing the exact style of ring she’ll fall head over heels in love with, shopping around for the right designer, is the most important piece of homework you can do. Set aside plenty of time to do lots and lots of research.

Size of stone, quality, shape, clarity and colour come next. These are the factors that will affect price; so set yourself a strict budget from the start.


Commissioning a forever ring – some invaluable advice for Him:

  • Define her style – some careful questioning and detective work with friends and family will help ensure you get the design spot on.
  • Find the right designer. Search online and in magazines for inspiration and ask around for personal recommendations.
  • When choosing the stone, remember that dropping just a fraction of carat size can make a significant difference to the price.
  • Compromise on diamond colour or clarity to go big on the cut, for the most dazzling ring, at a price you can afford. 
  • Engagement rings with a halo setting of multiple smaller stones, rather than the budget busting showstoppers, can be equally eye catching.
  • Instead of a diamond, consider a coloured gemstone? These tend to be more affordable and can make a major style statement if you get the design right.
  • Choosing an ethical design and add a beautiful back-story to your beautiful gesture.


Arabel Lebrusan bespoke designed engagement rings start at £950


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Arabel Lebrusan took her Masters in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins and went on to become Creative Director at Leblas Jewellery, leaving two years later to create her own brand of unique designs. Arabel commissions only the best craftsman in the UK and her native Spain and insisting on precious metals and gemstones that have been sustainably and ethically sourced.


Bespoke engagement ring Fairtrade Yellow Gold and Canadian diamond

Bespoke engagement ring Fairtrade Yellow Gold and Canadian Oval diamond