For Arabel Lebrusan, even the most exquisite piece of fine jewellery can only be truly beautiful if it has been created with passion, care and conscience.

Quite simply, it must bewitch from all angles and every aspect.

Arabel uses only ethically sourced materials, applying traditional methods and vintage tradition to everything she creates. Each sparkling gemstone she meticulously sources is certified conflict-free, every piece of precious metal either fair mined or 100% recycled.

Without compromise on beauty, luxury or decadence, Arabel Lebrusan creates responsible jewellery that’s bold, beguiling and quite unlike anything else you will find anywhere else.

“Our jewels are like beautiful treats, even to us. We have the luxury of creating the truly unique - sometimes eccentric, often elaborate but always magnificent and beautifully and ethically made by the most skilled craftsmen.” 

From traditional to contemporary, each and every engagement ring, wedding band, bracelet, bangle or timeless piece of intricate filigree is born from her very personal passion for ethics, combined with innovative design and master craftsmanship.

So now, when you invest in jewellery to endure for generations, you can do it safe in the knowledge that breathtaking landscapes have been protected, resources respected and hardworking communities supported.




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T: 01273 508714