Lebrusan Studio: Jewellery with Heart. A brand video by Great Scott Films
(English, 3 minutes)



A Jeweller's Journey Across Sri Lanka: A video by Great Scott Films
(English, 1.5 minutes)



Exploring Ethical Gold in ColombiaA video by Great Scott Films
(English, 1.5 minutes)

Arabel speaking at TEDx Bedford (English, 13 minutes)



Pearls in Paradise. My trip to the eco-friedly Polynesian pearl farm. Huaine, 2017.
French Polynesia (English, 2 minutes)



Spanish Newspaper ABC Interview (Spanish, 5 minutes)



Award-winning jewellery designer, Arabel Lebrusan, has upgraded the brand's online presence with a series of new images by acclaimed fashion photographer AKIO. Taking inspiration from Lebrusan's Spanish heritage, with a hint of Julio Romero de Torres' paintings, these beautiful and bold images successfully reflect the true essence of the brand, being simultaneously feminine and strong, thoroughly modern but with a vintage twist.