Money might not grow on trees at the moment, but you’re too good for compromise. Hand-crafted in the UK from the finest ethical materials available, our low-costwedding bands are the epitome of economic luxury.

From weddings postponed to jobs lost, honeymoons missed and business doors closed, we’ve witnessed first-hand the varying degrees of impact the global COVID-19 pandemic has had on our friends, partners and clients. Though lockdown measures have eased and certain activities have begun to gain momentum, financial situations remain precarious, arrangements are pending and a cloud of uncertainty lingers quietly over the coming months. We are no longer centred in the eye of the storm, but the dust is yet to settle.

But, human beings we are – and in spite of it all, optimism is the fuel that keeps us rolling. Research shows that we thrive on plans and expectations; establishing positive goals and remaining hopeful for the future is what helps us to cope with stress and adversity.

For those of us who find comfort in sweetening today with the promise of tomorrow, now is the perfect time to hatch some big plans. A wedding, perhaps?

To aid the planning process, we’ve lined up the best of our bargain wedding band options. Money might be tight, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less.


THIN • FROM £300

A plain gold band: the quintessential symbol of lifelong commitment. 2mm in width and totally unisex, our Thin wedding ring is available in a variety of profiles and finishes, enabling you to tailor yours, for no extra cost, to you. This is the same for all of our plain wedding bands – regardless of the width or chosen metal. When cast in 9ct recycled yellow gold, this timeless band starts at just £300.

A touch cheaper than its high-carat counterparts, 9ct gold is also slightly more diluted in hue; a fab option if you’re new to yellow gold jewellery. A lower density does make 9ct gold more susceptible to denting and scratching than 14ct or 18ct gold – but that doesn’t make it a no-go. With a clever finish, your 9ct gold ring could retain its vim and vigour for decades on end.

If you're drawn to jewellery with rustic, home-spun charm, you might appreciate our hammered finishes. Achieved by careful taps with a small, hand-held hammer, no two rings finished with this organic technique are the same. Depending on your textural preference, we can apply a soft- or hard-hammered approach. Whichever you opt for, the beauty of a hammered finish is the way it equips your ring to withstand years of rough and tumble, allowing daily scratches and dents to disappear seamlessly into its surface texture.

A matte finish is also slightly more forgiving than a high-polished surface when it comes to everyday wear and tear. Achieved by a once-over with a green scouring sponge – just like how Arabel was taught at jewellery school – the matte finish oozes contemporary appeal, offering a diluted, satiny sheen.




Minimalist and elegant, the Braided wedding ring is a Lebrusan Studio classic. At 1.8mm in width, it’s thoughtfully delicate in a way that allows it to sit flush to most engagement rings - though it also does the talking just fine when worn all on its own. With its quiet, understated air of elegance, this sustainably-crafted band marries seamlessly with almost any jewellery aesthetic.

Available in your choice of ethical metal, the Braided ring starts at £350 when cast in 18ct recycled gold. When you order a jewel cast in recycled gold, you can rest assured that you're not contributing to the continued use and abuse of our natural resources because you've avoided the need for any further mining.



The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. The delicate Vintage Milgrain band is characterised by the exquisite milgrain detailing adorning its edges. Derived from 'millegrain', French for 'a thousand grains', milgrain is the name for the delicate beading that we see embellishing many vintage jewels. A throwback to the 20th century, this subtle decorative accent is one you'll never tire of inspecting. It positively screams antique charm.

Cast in 18ct recycled gold, this understated piece starts at just £390.


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