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Dress to impress in a jacket ring

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Dress to impress in a jacket ring

For centuries, plain gold bands have been recognised as the epitome of quintessential wedding ring design. A timeless and understated marker of lifelong commitment, many a simple circlet is slipped modestly onto the bridal stack, careful not to outshine the engagement ring, whose ‘forever’ role is to hold sway as the main attraction.

However, in recent years, we’ve observed the wedding band gaining some traction of its own. With a year-by-year increase in requests for bespoke wedding bands and an 81% increase in general wedding band spending since 2020, it would appear that this secondary jewel is no longer considered the humble add-on, but an on-finger event of equal importance. Inherent in this movement is an increased interest in shapely jacket rings, designed to woo the engagement ring with whom they co-exist.



Also known as ‘ring enhancers’, jacket rings are designed to be worn alongside another ring; typically an engagement ring. The purpose of the jacket ring is to embrace its neighbour’s contours like a tailored party dress, intensifying and elaborating on its existing style. Although beautiful jewels in their own right, they can be considered an engagement ring upgrade, often creating the impression of harmony so perfect it’s difficult to decipher where one piece ends and the other begins.



At Lebrusan Studio, we’re seeing an increasing number of clients inheriting beautiful heirloom engagement rings. Though the ability to reclaim an emotionally charged piece of jewellery is beautiful in sentiment, it does somewhat limit creative freedom when it comes to engagement ring design. This is where the jacket ring comes in, as a striking piece of statement jewellery that offers its wearer the autonomy to personalise their irreplaceable engagement ring in a way that feels true to them.

This opportunity to take an existing jewel to a new and elevated level may also appeal to those whose engagement ring is relatively simple in design. Perhaps your budget was a little more modest back in the question-popping days and you are now ready to crank up your engagement ring’s volume? Maybe your style has evolved and you derive more joy now from elaborate design than you did previously? Adding a jacket ring to your stack is the act of offering a quiet engagement ring a louder voice.



The shaped band is perhaps the most common of jacket ring styles. Crafted to cradle its neighbouring engagement ring from below, it boasts endless possibilities for personalisation. For some, the marriage between two rings is as precise as a jacket ring moulded to every last nook and cranny of the engagement ring’s contour. For others, it’s as simple as an angular wishbone form or the sweeping arc of a half-halo.

Our newly launched Artisan Filigree Collection is a quartet of shaped jacket rings designed to embrace the simple solitaire engagement rings of our Artisan Collection. Chunky statement rings with florid filigree detailing, these substantial bands are best worn as an embellishment of a simple solitaire – accessories of their very own.



A popular means of boosting the engagement ring’s impact from every possible angle is the open jacket ring, which leaves a gap at its front. Sometimes each broken ‘end’ of the band is set with a stone, sometimes the entire band is set with an endless sparkle of pave diamonds, and sometimes the band maintains a low profile to allow to the engagement ring’s head to do the talking. The benefit of the open jacket ring is its inclusivity; with its simple purpose of enabling the engagement ring to sit comfortably in its centre, it’s a style that can be adapted to suit any solitaire gemstone shape.

An alternative take on the open jacket ring is the act of enclosing your engagement ring from both sides with two jacket rings that are complementary of one another, creating a fiesta on the finger with your solitaire at the centre of the hubbub. Soon after tying the knot, Claire completed her bridal stack by adding a commitment ring that mirrored her bespoke wedding band in shape and style. Meanwhile, some of our favourite Artisan Collection combinations are made up of an Artisan Filigree jacket ring either side of an engagement ring.



Just like shopping for clothes for your body, the only way to ensure the perfect fit is trying some jackets on for size. Here at Lebrusan Studio, shaped jacket rings are present throughout our permanent collections, from the delicate forms of our Crown Collection to our angular Marquise Diadem ring and our flamboyant Artisan Filigree bands. We’re available by appointment at the London Diamond Bourse every Wednesday and in Brighton on the occasional Saturday and would be delighted to show you our diverse collection of sample wedding bands, available for you to try on alongside your engagement ring.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to see your engagement ring dressed in clobber like nobody else’s, now might be the time to start preparing for a bespoke consultation.



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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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