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How to Personalise Your Wedding Rings

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How to Personalise Your Wedding Rings

Whether you have been looking at wedding rings for a while or you have just started the hunt, you might get an uncomfortable feeling visiting the shops and searching online.

Why? Because you realised just why everyone has the normal wedding rings and not something more unique; the shops don't really help you to be different but instead promote more generic looks.

The good news is that we can help you learn how to create a super special wedding ring that no one else will have. It will not be tremendously challenging, deplete the bank account or feel inauthentic as you wear it in the decades to come.


How to Create a Super Special Wedding Ring That No One Else Will Have

If you really want to set yourself apart, remember this important rule: There are no rules!

If you free yourself from worrying that someone will disapprove of your unique choices, you can start to create that super special ring. It will be something really special and whether it is delicate and thin or a bit more pronounced, it is sure to be something that fits in perfectly with the fairytale wedding you have imagined.

So, on to the next steps…


Add Symbolism to a Wedding Ring with Engraving

If there is one thing that can make you fall in love with your ring is when it has significant or secret messages inside. Resting against the skin of your ring finger, you might have words or symbols engraved and which serve as a constant reminder of something special between yourself and your partner. It could be a quote, a coded message, a special date, or whatever you might like. The point is that it is yours to enjoy. 

The engraving can be on the outside of the ring, like a traditional engraving; or inside, like secret words. Hand-engraving adds a unique touch as it is made by a specialist craftsman making each ring unique every time with his mark.

Some popular engraving are scrolls, hearts, vines, wheat and geometric patterns.

Engraved wedding rings

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Set Gemstone(s) On It

If you want to constantly be gathering compliments on your choice in wedding ring, use a combination of beautiful engraving and gemstones on the outside. You can make the stones whatever you want, but if you have them relate to something such as the date, your birthdates or something personal, the ring is going to take on even more meaning.

You could chose traditional diamonds or colour gemstones. Remember that gemstones can be precious stones and sized in a more delicate way (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires), or they can be semiprecious and more colourful and festive (amethyst, citrine, peridot, tourmaline). It is all about your preferences, but often, rings with gemstones have a distinctly fairytale appearance as well as a wonderful story that ensures you are gathering compliments wherever you go.


personalised wedding rings


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Add a Date

You can also have beautiful engraving on the exterior of the ring and in thin and delicate writing, indicate the date of your wedding, the date you met or something special to the two of you. We have done a set of wedding rings with coordinates that looked very special (see below).

The goal of these choices is to let you feel like your wedding ring is original, unique and truly authentic. Let it be in line with your personal vision, and remember that your ring doesn't have to match your partner. If you want a few gemstones and some beautiful engraving, it is entirely appropriate and is sure to be something you'll love to look at as the decades pass.

Whatever you choose, be unique. And if you need a bit of inspiration, come over to our Wedding Rings Collections and have a browse around, you might find the wedding ring of your dreams!





Personalised Wedding Rings



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