As well as sustainable metals, we are also committed to sourcing responsibly mined diamonds and gemstones, the mining of which we know has not resulted in environmental damage or human rights violations. Gemstones go through the many hands of many dealers, until they are set into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Because of this, traceability is the key word. Knowing where a gemstone comes from, it's country of origin and mine of origin, is key to define its sustainable credentials. 



Beautiful Ethics responsibly mined diamonds


For our diamonds, we use carefully selected and trusted suppliers to ensure that our diamonds are always conflict-free. Regardless of size, all of our diamonds are all Kimberley Certified, a process set up in 2003 to prevent blood diamonds from entering the diamond market.

Our larger diamonds (0.3ct and above) are traceable Canadian diamonds and arrive accompanied with a GIA certificate or similar. These diamonds also come with the Canada Mark, an independently verified certification that assures you the diamond is of Canadian origin.

Most of our medium & small diamonds (1mm-3mm) are also from Canadian Origin. If we cannot sourced from Canada due to size or cut, they will be traceable conflict-free African diamonds, mined in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. We call them semi-traceable diamonds.

Only a few of our small diamonds, 1.3mm and 1.7mm diamonds, cannot be traced back to an specific origin. But we still ensure that they remain conflict-free, and are guaranteed to be by our trusted suppliers.



Beautiful ethics fairtrade gemstones


Our beautiful Fair-traded gemstones are mined using best practice principles, with environmental protection, fair labour conditions and community benefit of utmost importance. Our suppliers ensure a fully transparent and certified supply chain, allowing us to trace each and every stone back completely to its source.

All our sapphires are fully traceable and come from one of this countries: Australia, Malawi or the US. Our rubies come from Malawi as well.

When you buy an engagement ring with a gemstone, we will provide a certificate stating the specific origin of that gemstone. 




Arabel's passion for ethical jewellery led her to speak at TEDx Bedford on the subject, delivering a compelling argument for the necessity of ethically sourced materials.