Can I Wear a Wedding Ring Without the Engagement Ring?

Ask wedding experts about engagement ring etiquette, and they give (what many might find) a surprising answer. When asked if it is acceptable to wear a wedding ring without the engagement ring, they respond that there's not necessarily a correct way to do it...

That comes as a relief to many who choose not to have an engagement ring, but also to those who are confused about whether they should always wear the engagement ring, at all. Again, the experts explain that it is a more personal decision, saying:

"You can choose to wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together on your left hand; wear your wedding band on the left and engagement ring on your right; or just wear your wedding ring."

They also explain that many women opt out of the engagement ring most of the time because the settings often snag clothing, put the costly stone(s) at risk for loss or accumulate dirt and debris too easily.

So, the short answer to the question posed in the title is that you can wear the jewellery in your own preferred manner.

"The only "rule" is that you do wear the wedding band as much and as often as possible."

If you want to wear your wedding ring without the engagement ring, it is entirely acceptable. And if you think you will do this often, you might want to choose a wedding ring without a bend that curves around the engagement ring, as they tend to look a bit awkward when they are worn on their own (as if they "miss" something). 


When I Go On Holidays I Don’t Wear My Engagement Ring


Of course, there are many reasons you might decide that you wish to put the engagement ring safely away. As an example, a woman who works in a bakery and who prepares dough and other foods is apt to lose a ring quite quickly working with her hands. She is an ideal candidate for wearing no rings at all or sticking with the wedding band and keeping the engagement ring safely at home.

"There are many heartbreaking tales of women going on holiday only to lose an engagement ring in the sea, lake, river or outdoors setting they are visiting." 

You might think, "No, I know better" but it is surprising the many ways holiday goers lose precious jewellery, with "lost in the sea" on top of the list. And I know this from experience, I have had many customers coming to me to replace their beloved but unfortunately lost rings. Keep them safe!


Wedding Rings to Be Worn Alone


You may have gone down the route of no diamond engagement ring at all, as this is quite liberating and a unique expression of personal style. You have put all your love and attention into choosing just that perfect wedding ring, and you might have decided to have a bespoke wedding ring made.

We like to remind those contemplating the right wedding jewellery that there are not a lot of fixed or intractable rules. For instance, your ring doesn't have to match your partner, it can be plain gold with beautiful engraving, it can be delicate and thin or bold and glamorous, but most importantly is that it has to be an authentic expression of you and your commitment.

If you wish to wear them together, be sure that you find a comfortable fit and a look you love so that you are happy to wear them together at all times.

"Whatever you choose, be unique."

And if you need a bit of inspiration, come over to our Wedding Rings Collections and have a browse around, you might find the wedding ring of your dreams!


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