How To Make a Wedding Band Fit Perfectly Flush To Your Engagement Ring

The old-fashioned and long standing rules about wedding and engagement jewellery no longer exist. Today, you can go traditional or risky, choose a delicate or entirely unique look, and wear mismatched items if that is what fits your fairytale wedding concept.

However, if you are uncomfortable when wearing your wedding jewellery, you must address the issue. One of the more common dilemmas that modern brides face is in finding a wedding band to fit flush with an engagement ring.

The shops are full of pre-designed sets, but this might not work if your partner bought the engagement ring without considering how a wedding band will sit next to it.

Though we said that rules don't really apply, a few traditions hold fast. One is for the wedding band to sit beneath the engagement ring, closer to the heart. Because of that, uncomfortable gaps can occur when the setting and stone clash with the solid band below. The good news is that there are a few easy solutions to the problem.


OPTION 1. Shaped ring

A shaped bespoke wedding band that sits flush to the ring

As you work with your partner to choose engagement rings, or make helpful hints as to the types of rings you prefer, keep a sharp eye for jewellers, like us, that offer bespoke bands to fit the engagement band snugly.

Flush style rings are usually shaped rings. They are designed and skilfully made to follow the contour of your engagement ring, leaving no gaps between the two rings. If done correctly, both rings will almost blend together as one in a flawless look.

Shaped Ring, Teadrop Diamond Tiara Ethical Ring, 18ct Ethical Gold


OPTION 2. Raised setting

The engagement ring needs to be raised to sit a straight band underneath and have no gaps.

Many contemporary jewellers have this kind of engagement ring in their collections. The main difference is that the diamond is raised, leaving a gap underneath, so that a straight wedding band can be comfortably placed underneath and will sit flush next to the engagement.

You can also find a jeweller who can make or modify an existing ring to create a space for the wedding band below.  This would require them to simply raise the setting where the engagement ring's stone is fixed and create a small space for the band or to allow the two rings to meet, flush.

Unfortunately, this kind of setting tends to stick out a little, and catch with knitted sweaters or other kind of clothing. If you work with your hands it might also be a little uncomfortable.

Raised setting from our Altair Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold


Remember: Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Have To Match Your Partner

Lastly, remember that you can opt for a wedding band that is entirely different from your partner if that allows your rings to fit flush together. In fact, it is a growing trend, with many couples choosing a rather masculine band of titanium for the groom and an elegant, ring of diamonds to fit flush against the engagement ring.

Your wedding jewellery is the most special jewellery you might own. Make it unique and as traditional or risky as you like. But, also be sure it fits well and comfortably, and use our tips for creating a nice, flush fit if you run into the common problem of a gap between the band and engagement ring.


Accademia Ethical Wedding Ring, 18ct Ethical Gold & 

Giardini Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold

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