Our bespoke jewels are like beautiful treats, even to us. We have the luxury of creating really unique designs. They are sometimes eccentric, sometimes delightful but always magnificent and beautifully made by the most skilled craftsmen.

"Working with Arabel on my pendant was a total joy. The finished piece is sensational and is everything I wanted".Pamela, London 




Arabel Lebrusan bespoke jewels



In a world of over-saturated markets and fast fashion, it can be hard to find brands that are unique and lovable. But, we're not your average jeweller. Our creative founder and designer Arabel combines beautiful ethics with distinctive design and flawless craftsmanship to create unusual jewels that are just as stunning on the outside as they are on the inside. With Lebrusan Studio's bespoke service, you can be sure that the one-of-a-kind masterpiece you take home will be crafted with you at the centre.




No matter who you are - and regardless of your vision - we're ready to handcraft whatever it is your heart desires. It could be a ring for your loved one, a pendant to wear on special occasions, or a pair of cuff-links to make a statement in important meetings. We love jewellery that's finished to perfection and don't rest until we've got it 101% right. We'll carefully refine the concept and finalise the design according to your preferences. If you're not completely happy, then we aren't either. As a guide, our bespoke jewels start at around £1500.




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