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“Back in 2005, I was told bluntly to my face by a London diamond dealer: ‘WHEN YOU WORK IN THIS TRADE YOU SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL.’ I knew then that things didn’t have to be that way." – Arabel Lebrusan

Lebrusan Studio exists to change the world one gram of gold at a time. We create jewellery for people who care; jewellery that serves as an active vessel for environmental, social, political and economic reform.

We have spent the past 12 years committed to simple, transparent supply chains, a small selection of trusted suppliers and craftspeople and an uncompromising ethical framework. In doing so, we can offer you honesty, knowledge, peace of mind and the tools you need to craft a forever jewel you can feel proud of.

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Global warming has reached crisis point and it's vital that we slow the rate at which we’re currently consuming water, land and energy. A jewel created from recycled gold or platinum is small in carbon footprint, offering materials already above the ground a second lease of life. 



Certified artisanal gold offers an empowering lifeline to small-scale miners and their communities. It embodies transparency, socioeconomic sustainability and restorative justice. Working with artisanal gold like Fairtrade Gold or Fairmined Gold enables us to support financial security, decent working conditions and long-term educational, environmental and healthcare programs.