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Why a gemstone proposal might be the route for you

No need to worry about ring size

Ring sizing is a precise art, difficult to get right without the ability to get directly measured up by the jeweller you're working with.
Removing the engagement ring's band from the picture in the first instance saves you the hassle of guessing - and subsequent resizing.

They can steer the design process

Though the notion of a surprise is romantic, an engagement ring is a piece of jewellery to be treasured forever, and it's really important that its design is just right. If your partner is a person who'd appreciate the opportunity to have a say in their special jewel, proposing with a gemstone is an invitation for them to pick or design an engagement ring that's trulytheir cup of tea. Romance isn't dead; your thoughtfulness and carefully chosen gemstone makes this a collaborative project.

A shared experience

Pressure off and chance of getting it wrong minimised, choosing or
designing an engagement ring will prove fun with your partner by your side. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; how wonderful to create a memory you can both look back on in years to come.

Handy in a hurry

It takes roughly eight weeks to create an engagement ring from our collection, whilst bespoke engagement rings are brought to life in 10-12 weeks. If you're overcome by the sudden urge to take the leap, proposing with a gemstone is a quicker solution than waiting for a fully fledged engagement ring to be brought into fruition.

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