How long will my order take to arrive?

If you've purchased a silver item, we aim to post your order within three to five working days. Our wedding bands and engagement rings usually take around eight weeks from the order date to be created, but if you need yours sooner then please let us know and we'll see if we can meet your deadline. We endeavour to provide a personalised service to all our clients.


Do you have a showroom where I can try your wedding and engagement rings?

If you'd like to see our jewellery's extraordinary craftsmanship in person or try some sample rings on for size, come and visit us at our London showroom. We’re proud members of the London Diamond Bourse, a historic and exclusive jewellers’ institution in the heart of Hatton Garden, London’s famous jewellery quarter. We are available for consultations here every Wednesday; the perfect opportunity to try on some sample jewellery.

We're also available to meet at the St. Augustine's Arts Centre café in Brighton on Thursdays and the occasional Saturday morning.


How will I know if my chosen item is ethically sourced?

At Lebrusan Studio we're committed to using the most sustainable and responsibly source materials we can find, offering you a number of metal and gemstone options to choose from, based on your personal priorities. All made-to-order engagement rings, wedding bands and bespoke commissions come with a unique certificate of authenticity and provenance, verifying the materials used and summarising the UK-based manufacturing process. You can learn more about the benefits and provenance of your ethical material options by exploring our 'Beautiful Ethics' pages.


I cannot find my size on your website. Could you make the piece in a size bigger or smaller than what's listed?

All of our pieces are made to order, which means we can create them in whichever size you require.Requests for rings smaller than the minimum size listed on the website will be quoted at the same price as that smallest available size, whilst a larger size might cost a little extra.


Are the wedding/engagement rings available with matte and/or hammered finishes?

Yes, they are. On ordering, please drop us an email with your order number, specifying your preferred finish. Alternatively, please leave a note at the checkout.


Is there any difference in colour between recycled gold and Fairtrade gold?

No. In the case of both yellow and white gold, the colour is exactly the same, regardless of provenance. There are some differences between 9ct and 18ct gold, though - see the next point.


Is there any difference between 9ct gold and 18ct gold?

Yes. The difference is metal hardness; 9ct is softer and thus slightly less durable than 18ct. There's also a difference in colour when it comes to yellow gold; 9ct yellow is always slightly whiter than 18ct. We always recommend 18ct gold for wedding and engagement rings, as these are everyday pieces that must be able to withstand wear and tear.


Can you make platinum wedding bands?

Yes, we can. Just drop us an email stating the design you like and your ring size, and we'll send you a quote in return. 


Can you make palladium wedding bands?

Yes, we can. Palladium is a white metal similar to 18ct white gold in appearance, and it's becoming increasingly popular for men’s rings. It's durable and even brighter in hue than white gold, and it's perfect for wide bands. Just drop us an email stating which design you'd like, along with your ring size, and we'll send you a quote. The current price for palladium bands is approximately 50% more than 18ct gold.


Will I be allergic to your wedding bands?

Allergies to gold or platinum are very rare, but naturally an allergic reaction is a slim possibility. To avoid adverse reactions, our white gold bands are made using an alloy of palladium, a very pure metal that very few people are allergic to.


Where will my jewellery be made?

Most of our made-to-order pieces are created in small manufacturing workshops in Hatton Garden, London's famed jewellery quarter. Meanwhile, our filigree jewellery is crafted by skilled artisans in Spain who have been making filigree their entire lives. Read more about how we work here.


How does your bespoke service work?

It's very simple. Take a moment to visit our bespoke page to gather some inspiration, then drop us an email outlining what it is you’re after. It's always helpful if you indicate your budget and time frame in the first instance. Some periods in the year are extremely busy for us, so please allow enough time for your creation to be brought into fruition; 8-12 weeks should be sufficient. You can view a detailed explanation of the bespoke service here


How much does your bespoke service cost?

This is totally dependent on design. As a guide, our bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands tend to start at around £2,500, whilst our bespoke jewels are generally priced from £3,500 upwards.


"No idea where to start! I want to design a bespoke engagement ring for my partner but I know nothing about jewellery."

Don't worry - you wouldn't be the first guy to feel a little lost in his first foray into the unfamiliar realm of engagement rings!

Looking at the jewellery she already wears is a great starting point. Take into consideration the following factors:

  • Metal colour - Does she have a preference for white metals, yellow gold or rose gold?

  • Stones - Is she turned on by a bit of bling, or does she lean towards designs that are a little more reserved? Is she a fan of colour? Sparkle isn't restricted to traditional white diamonds; there's a spectrum of gorgeous coloured gemstone for you to choose from.

Design inspiration could also come from anything personal and important to her. Consider her birthstone, favourite flower or whether there's a particular art movement that floats her boat. Sending over some images of your partner can also inspire us in a similar way.


"I'm going to do it and I need a ring fast! Is there any way that I could receive a ring quicker than the eight-week lead time advised?"

This will depend on the complexity of the design you have in mind and the workload of our manufacturing workshops at the moment in question. We always try our hardest to ensure the quickest turnaround possible, priding ourselves on regular and informative communication throughout, but completion by an early and nominated date can never be 100% guaranteed; particularly not in the case of elaborate designs with many manufacturing stages. 

If time's really tight or you're struggling to commit to a particular design, our sample loan service involves renting a sample engagement ring, using it to pop the question, then initiating the manufacturing process once she's said "Yes." Contact us today to learn more about this offering.

Alternatively, we also have a small collection of ready-to-wear engagement rings, any of which can be delivered in 3-5 working days.

"I'm ready to order an engagement ring but I have no idea which ring size to choose. Please help!"

Don't panic! There are a number of ways to solve the ring size mystery without rousing any suspicion. Check out this blog post for tips. 


"Can I incorporate an old piece of heirloom jewellery? I've already proposed and I'm now looking to transform my grandmother's old rings into her engagement ring."

Yes! We love reworking old pieces of jewellery because it enables us to create entire heirlooms with minimal requirement for newly-mined materials. Upcycling is also a beautiful means of celebrating family legacy and maintaining a connection with the past. Head to our Bespoke Remodelling Service page to learn more.


What can I do if I have other questions?

Just drop us an email (ruby@lebrusanstudio.com) or give us a call (0794 694 2350). We will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible - most enquiries are usually responded to within a day.