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I’m mourning all the lost bodies across time and space

2023. Natural rose flower with solid silver coating. Unique. In Private Collection.

Dimensions: 70cm x 10cm x 10cm.

Joias (Jewels)

2023. Celebratory coin made in brass

Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 4mm

Joias is a celebratory coin, featuring a portrait of Eliane Mello and her 6-month-old unborn child who died at the Brumandinho iron mine disaster. Brazil 2019.

Blunt Blades Exchange

Year: April 2021

Medium: Social Engaging Art Project with support from Women’s Support Centre Surrey and Quiet Down There

Blunt Blades Exchange (2021) is a social engagement art project wherein police-confiscated knives were repurposed into rings and given to 9 women at the Women’s Support Centre Surrey in spring 2021. Through a series of conversations and a bespoke design process, Lebrusan and the women collectively explored the meanings and associations of the rings. They came up with personalised symbols of empowerment that were later engraved onto the ring and customised for each participant.

Knife Murders 275/275. England & Wales 

Year: 2021

Medium: Set of 275 rings made of metal from police confiscated knives and other artefacts.

Exhibited: Blunt BladesThe Higgins Bedford, 2021 – 2022; and London Art Fair 2024.

Knife Murders 275/275 England and Wales is a set of 275 rings made using the metal from police confiscated knives and other artefacts. The rings represent homicides in England and Wales from April 2019 until March 2020. There are 10 small-sized rings to represent under children homicides (those aged under 16 years), 50 medium-sized thin rings to represent women homicides and 215 wide and large-sized rings to represent men homicides. Each ring is laser inscribed with the edition number AL KM20 1/275, AL KM 20 2/275, etc.

Electric Apron

Year: 2014 – 2021

Medium: 1200 copper components, copper cable, fused plug

Dimensions: 130cm x 50cm x 2.5cm

Exhibited: Koop Projects, 2023


Year: 2007

Medium & Materials: Sculpture. 3000 articulated silver components.

Dimensions: 184cm x 56cm

Exhibited: Object as a Muse, Crafts Council touring exhibition. 2008-2010