Arabel Lebrusán


“Arabel is an extremely talented jeweller, her taste is exceptional and her attention to detail really sets her apart. She has great flair for interpreting a client's design concept, not to mention enormous skill in executing the finished product. I have been complimented so many times about the jewellery I have from her, and have really enjoyed every piece. She is a charming person on top of it all, a real gem!”



Arabel Lebrusan is an award-winning jewellery designer, leading artist and pioneer of the ethical jewellery movement

Arabel Lebrusan is a leading artist, award-winning jewellery designer and key founder of the ethical jewellery movement. It's now been over 15 years that she's been dedicated to beautiful jewellery. She began her journey as a fashion jewellery designer, travelling the Far East and learning the ins and outs of the trade; the good, the bad and the ugly. A Master's at Central Saint Martin's followed, with a deep investigative focus of ethics in the jewellery industry.

Arabel then went on to spend five years as Creative Director of Leblas Jewellery - the first ever ethical jeweller on London's famed Sloane Street - before winding up here as designer and conductor of her very own brand, Lebrusan Studio.

"I've been very privileged to have people speak very generously about my work and so I've always done my best to deliver the most beautiful pieces, not just on the surface but also in the integrity of the process." - Arabel Lebrusan



First and foremost, Arabel Lebrusan is an artist. Blessed with a sharp and observant eye, she possesses a flair to connect the seemingly unconnected. Not only talented in creating masterpieces of her own, Arabel is passionate about the skills, traditional craftsmanship, trade and culture of others.

These loves are evident in every Lebrusan Studio jewel and its unique journey to fruition. Arabel only works with people she respects and trusts, commissioning only the very best craftsmen in both the UK and Spain to bring her designs to life. Our bridal jewellery is finished in Hatton Garden by skilled jewellers who each specialise in their specific stage of the process. Through our filigree jewellery, Arabel supports artisans in small Spanish towns where jewellery-making is a valued craft; the skills for which are painstakingly passed down from one generation to the next. Without the continued support of these artists, their long-lived skills would be lost.

“The ring is so delicate and feminine. The flowers are amazing and beautifully subtle. The engraving is also perfect - thank you so much for making such a wonderfully crafted ring"  - Siobhan, 2015




Arabel is truly committed to beautiful jewellery. Investing in a jewel designed by her means owning an exquisite accessory which will offer nothing but a lifetime of pleasure before being passed on to succeeding generations to enjoy. 
Lebrusan Studio's bespoke pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and designed by Arabel purely for you, based on her clever interpretations of your dreams, thoughts and preferences. 

“She is both a visionary and a creative who has an urge to make. With more and more bespoke commissions coming in, she says she is happiest in a bubble, when she is designing, proving there is a repose to balance to her furious creative bluster. She swears she is slowing down, but we can’t see any sign of it.” - Professional Jeweller, Hot 100 




Like you, Arabel doesn't want to support any kind of exploitation - whether that's of individuals who don't have economic means to defend themselves, or environments which can't cope with the chemicals and processes traditionally used to extract materials from the earth. That's why Arabel insists that all the precious metals and gemstones she uses in Lebrusan Studio jewels are sustainably and ethically-sourced.

"Arabel was one of the first UK jewellers to embrace Fairtrade Gold and remains a passionate advocate for responsible jewellery.  She is influencing the way industry and consumers view jewellery – using her collections to help change the world." -Victoria Waugh, Fairtrade Foundation



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