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Jewellery Sizing Guide


Arabel Lebrusan Ring sizer



Whether you're measuring your own ring size or trying to suss out your partner's, ring sizing is a nuanced art that can be tricky to get right. Luckily, we're here to make your mission as easy as possible. Learn more.

Ring sizer loan

Not being able to visit us in person doesn't mean you're denied access to the best customer service we can offer. For a refundable deposit of £15 we'll lend you one of two types of ring sizing tool, along with some handy tips for measuring yourself up from home. Order your ring sizer loan.

Printable ring sizer

Alternatively, you could also try using our printable ring sizer. Use this with a ring that either you or the person you're purchasing for currently wears. It's best to choose a ring that's similar in style to the one you want to buy, too. Then, follow these instructions: 

1. Print this page at 100% size.

2. When setting your print options you must ensure the options to fit or shrink to page ARE NOT selected.

3. Print the document, then with a ruler or tape, measure the outer box to ensure it matches the dimensions marked.

4. Hold your selected ring against the circles on the chart.

5. Chose the letter that best matches the internal diameter of the ring.

6. This will be the size of the ring.

You can also download a PDF version of the ringer sizer


SECRET TIP: From experience, we can have a go at estimating her approximate ring size using the size of any of her other fingers. This isn't exact science, but we have a high success rate. The index finger tends to be around three sizes larger than the ring finger, and the middle finger tends to be around two sizes larger. 

We also need to know whether she's right- or left-handed, as this has a huge affect on ring size! Everyone's different, but the hand you write with generally tends to be 1/2 a ring size or a whole ring size bigger than your weak hand. 

So, next time she's in the shower, quietly nab one of her rings, measure it against this chart, and make sure you tell us which finger and hand that ring's usually worn on. We can try and do the rest! 

More tips on how to work out your loved one's ring size are available on our blog



You'll need a thin piece of string, a thin strip of paper or a soft measurement tape.

1. Wrap it up around your neck or wrist (depending on whether it's a bracelet or a necklace you're choosing)

2. Try to make it comfortable, imagining how the real piece will fit

3. Measure the length with a ruler tape... And remember that the clasp is included in the length!