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Small in carbon foot print · Huge in the difference it makes

Arabel Lebrusan beautiful Ethics Recycled metal

Global warming has reached crisis point. That’s why we celebrate materials that are already above the ground. No matter how fairly traded or carefully sourced, newly mined metals expend valuable resources. In our current state of climate emergency, it's vital that we slow the rate at which we’re consuming water, land and energy. We'll never stop supporting artisanal and small-scale gold miners, because they still need an income - but it's time to start striking a balance.

Alongside our newly-mined Fairtrade and Fairmined metals, we offer recycled metals across our collections - from our engagement rings to our wedding rings and our bespoke commissions.

Often, reclaimed materials come with one downside; a lack of traceability. But, unlike other jewellers, our recycled metals come directly from 100% recycled sources. When you order a jewel cast in recycled metal, you can rest assured that you're not contributing to the use and abuse of our natural resources because you've avoided the need for any further mining.

We use 100% recycled silver in 80% of our silver jewels. and we're working towards using it in all of them.

We use 100% recycled gold in all of our recycled gold jewels.

We use recycled platinum in all of our platinum jewels. We can successfully recycle platinum up to 100% recycled purity, with our recycled platinum never containing less than 90% pure recycled platinum. If you'd like to learn more about our recycled metals and the process by which they come about, please don't hesitate to reach out.