We're committed to sourcing ethical diamonds, the mining of which we know hasn't resulted in environmental damage or violation of human rights. Diamonds can travel through the hands of many dealers until they reach their final destination in a beautiful piece of jewellery. For us, it's vital that we can trace ours back through these long and fragmented journeys to their source. Knowing a diamond's country and mine of origin is key to defining its sustainable credentials.

We work with carefully selected and trusted diamond suppliers to ensure that the stones we use in our pieces are always conflict-free. Regardless of size, all of our diamonds are Kimberley Certified; a label set up in 2003 to prevent blood diamonds from entering the market.

However, we know that the Kimberly Certification can be difficult to validate. Many diamonds are marketed as 'conflict-free' without sufficient tracking information to back the claim. That's why we go above and beyond the Kimberley Certification - and how we can promise that our newly-mined diamonds have no ties to corruption or exploitation.




An oval-cut Canadian diamond with its Canadamark certificate

Nearly all of the newly-mined diamonds that we set in our sparkling pieces are of Canadian origin, all traceable and conflict-free. If 0.3ct or above, these diamonds arrive accompanied with a GIA certificate or similar. Larger stones are also laser-inscribed with a microscopic Canadamark, an independently verified certification that assures you the diamond is of Canadian origin and has been mined under strict Canadian regulations.

On the rare occasion that we can't source you a stone from Canada because of size or cut availability, what we use instead are conflict-free African diamonds, mined in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. These stones come from DeBeers mines. The regulations under which these stones are mined vary from country to country, so we call these 'semi-traceable' diamonds.

If stone origin and traceability are your main concerns, then a newly-mined diamond is the choice for you.




Recycled old-cut vintage diamonds

Global warming has reached crisis point. That’s why we're trying to incorporate into our pieces, now more so than ever before, gemstones already above the ground. No matter how fairly traded or carefully sourced, newly mined materials use up valuable resources. It’s vital that we slow down the rate at which we’re consuming water, land and energy. We'll never stop supporting small-scale miners, because they still need an income. But it's time to start striking a balance.

Alongside our newly-mined, conflict-free diamonds of Canadian and African origin, we also offer recycled diamonds as an option.

By the nature of vintage, reclaimed diamonds don't come with origin assured. We understand that this lack of traceability doesn't sit comfortably with everyone, and that's fine. The beauty of recycling diamonds, however, is in minimising the need for further mining - offering a beautiful unearthed gem a second lease of life instead. If environmental sustainability is your priority, recycled diamonds are the choice for you.

All of our reclaimed diamonds come with an assurance of quality from our supplier and are thoroughly checked by our in-house gemmologist. Thorough assessment in the first instance ensures that scratches and marks are minimal.

When we source pre-loved diamonds, we choose from a pool of round brilliant-cut stones and old-cut stones. The round brilliant-cut is the standard cut nowadays. Characterised by 58 symmetrical facets and usually achieved with machinery, it's designed to provide maximised light return through the top of the stone. Meanwhile, the term 'old-cut' refers to an antique cut characterised by facets that are slightly chunkier and more organic than the precise, machine-cut facets of the round brilliant-cut. Faceted by hand, old-cut diamonds boast a depth of sparkle that is unmatched by the surface sparkle of the modern brilliant-cut; they draw the eye inwards. Old-cut stones are fabled little chunks of history; unique, unrepeatable and oozing with character!

At the moment, the pre-loved diamonds most readily available to us are old-cut. However, due to popular demand and the rarity of pre-loved diamonds in general, the option to go recycled is dependent on availability at the time of purchase. Because of limited availability, sourcing a recycled stone - be it a round brilliant-cut or an old-cut diamond - could take a little longer than sourcing one that's newly-mined. If we're unable to find a recycled stone with the appropriate specifications within the necessary timeframe, we'll get in touch with you to arrange an alternative.




A yellow lab-grown diamond

We're romantic at heart, and what we love most about natural diamonds is their magic; their inner strength and energy. There are few things quite as beautiful as a little miracle grown slowly, over thousands of years, by Mother Nature herself.

Lab-grown diamondsdon't boast the same unique stories and levels of intrigue as natural stones, but they can be beautiful all the same. Choosing lab-grown allows you the opportunity to choose from a fantastic spectrum of colours, at a fraction of the traditional price. Though lab-grown diamonds still require energy to grow - with CO2 emissions far from minimal - they're somewhat ecological in that they don't require further mining. 

Their fresh-faced newness can be embraced as a clean slate on which to build your own story.

Coloured lab-grown diamonds offer exciting creative potential to us as jewellery designers and you as customers because they are far cheaper than their natural counterparts.

If you'd like a lab-grown diamond in yellow or white, please contact us directly. Please allow longer than usual for us to source your dream stone.