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12 years ago, when Arabel Lebrusan closed the door on Leblas – the first ethical jewellery boutique on London’s esteemed Sloane Street – she knew she was only just getting started. Fuelled by eye-opening experiences as an international jewellery designer, an MA in sustainable design and an unshakeable fervour for using jewellery as an active tool for change, she founded Lebrusan Studio.

Parallel to Arabel's role as an award-winning jewellery designer, she is a leading visual artist, whose practice often walks the fine line between art and jewellery. While her one-of-a-kind art jewels are conceived as artistic responses to specific social injustices and ecological concerns, the heirlooms she designs under Lebrusan Studio are wearable symbols of hope, telling stories of beautiful precious materials, traditional craftsmanship, and the milestone's of the wearer's life.

Lebrusan Studio originated in 2012 as an online business with a small but loyal clientele. Soon going on to pioneer Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold as one of the world’s first ever licensed jewellery businesses, Lebrusan Studio is now decorated with accolades, widely considered a spearhead of the ethical jewellery movement. Though proud of our leading role – carved out by a decade of tireless campaigning, questioning, charity work and storytelling – we remain grounded in our original principles of approachability, young spirit, and an ongoing willingness to evolve. Climate justice and socioeconomic reparations remain at the heart of everything we do.

Now present in two physical locations - London and Brighton - we are very happy spending our days sharing our passion with our like-minded clients, uniting you with storytelling jewels you can feel as proud of as we do.


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