You've found the beautiful ring you know is going to wow your partner, you're ready to go ahead and make the order, but you don't know the ring size you need? We're here to help.

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you will make. You want to get it right. Over the years we've helped many men and women just like you in selecting the perfect ring.We often get asked the same questions - will they love it, will it fit and more importantly, will they say "yes"?

Let us put you at ease and guide you to making that perfect choice. 



Obviously, the best option would be to get their ring finger measured at any high street jewellers, but if this is not an option then there are other ways. Time to put on your detective hat and learn the art of subtlety…

Could you get hold of one of their rings to measure perhaps? This is a good indication of their hand size for us, particularly if you are able to make a tracing. Don’t forget to put it back! If you are not able to take it away without them noticing, we have the printable SIZING GUIDE. Simply place the ring over the guide 'til you find a size that matches - be sure to print it to scale.




If they don't wear jewellery it's a bit trickier, but you could perhaps get one of their friends in on the surprise. They might be able to take a good guess by looking at their own size, but you could ask them to slyly suggest to try some rings on (this can be a risky option though!).




If you have been openly discussing marriage, you could always ask. You don't have to disclose everything. However, we do understand that this is not an option for many couples.

Another brave choice is to compare their finger to one of yours if you can - this would be a last resort though, as it's unlikely to be accurate. The key here is that it’s always easier to resize down than it is up, so bear that in mind!

If after all your efforts you find when you pop the question that the size still isn't perfect we do offer a FREE ring resizing within the first year, so you can worry less about the size and focus more on the big question.


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Love, Arabel and Team