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How To Work Out Your Partner's Ring Size

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How To Work Out Your Partner's Ring Size


You’ve found The Ring. You’ve hatched your proposal plans. You’re ready to go ahead and place your order… But you have no idea which ring size to go for. Don’t let this small practicality slow your roll! With these tips from the top, we’re here to help you solve the mystery.

Choosing a jewel as significant as an engagement ring can feel daunting; especially if you’re taking on the challenge solo. From budget to metal type, gemstone colour and beyond, there is many an important decision to make. Of all the little questions that need answering, however, the one we’re asked most often is this: “How on earth do I figure out my partner’s ring size?”


In an ideal world, the most accurate ring size measurement is gleaned by a jeweller - but we’ve been doing this long enough to appreciate that life often isn’t so simple. If taking your partner to be measured up professionally isn’t an option, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some inconspicuous alternatives. It’s time to put on your detective hat and become an expert in the art of subtlety!

Does your partner wear any rings day-to-day? Is there a chance you could get hold of one whilst they’re not looking? An existing ring can offer a loose indication of hand size. Just be sure to make note of the finger and hand that it’s worn on; these details can help us with our final calculations.

If you’re in a position to receive parcels without arousing suspicion, we’d be pleased to send you a rod ring sizer; a self-explanatory tool with reliable results. Just drop us a line to organise delivery – and consider whether you might also find it useful to borrow some sample engagement rings whilst you’re at it.

Alternatively, you might wish to measure the ring using our printable sizing guide. Be sure to print the document to scale and follow all of the instructions carefully if you opt for this method.



We understand that for some of our clients, the element of total surprise is really important. However, if you’re okay with one or two people knowing about your plans, you might find it helpful to draft one of your partner’s friends in to help. They could have prior knowledge of your partner’s ring size as a result of previous conversations and years spent buying Christmas and birthday gifts – or they could make an educated guess based on their own ring size.

If they’re feeling brave, they might even be up for taking your partner on a trip to a local jeweller to have fun trying on some rings and getting measured up together.




If the pair of you have been openly discussing marriage up until this point, you could of course come right out and ask. This doesn’t need to dissolve the magic; the simple question of ring size can be talked through without any juicy details disclosed.

If you’re comfortable involving your partner in the preliminary stage of the process, you could bring them along to a Lebrusan Studio consultation to get measured up and try some sample rings on. If you’d prefer to maintain an air of mystery surrounding the ring’s jeweller and design, you could instead take them to a local high street jeweller to get measured up, or ask us to send you one of our at-home ring sizers in the post (in unmarked packaging, of course.)

If you take the DIY approach to measuring, there are three important tips to bear in mind…

  1. Aim for the smallest possible size.
    For rings worn every day, we generally advise aiming for the smallest size possible. When measuring yourself up, this means starting high and moving down the sizing scale until you eventually reach the sizing ring that won’t slide onto your finger.

    Your partner shouldn’t be deterred by a slight wrestle over the knuckle; this is usual! What’s important is that there’s no wiggle room once the ring is sitting at the base of their finger. This applies especially to engagement rings, which are top-heavy and tend to spin if they don’t fit perfectly.

  1. Try to measure your fingers at room temperature.
    When hot, our fingers swell; when cold, they shrink. To glean the most accurate measurement possible, your partner should try to catch a moment when their body temperature is usual to them.

  1. Consider the width of the band you’re ordering.
    Generally speaking, the wider the band, the tighter the fit. This is because greater surface area allows greater friction between metal and skin. If the ring you plan on buying is significantly wider than the sizing ring you’re referring to, it might be worth allowing an additional ½ size when you come to ordering The Real Thing.


… And if, in spite of all your efforts, your fiancée finds that their engagement ring doesn’t fit quite perfectly, don’t panic. For UK clients, we offer a free resizing service within the first year of purchase.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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