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Sourcing Your Alternative Ethical Engagement Ring In Brighton

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Sourcing Your Alternative Ethical Engagement Ring In Brighton

Preparing for one of the most momentous leaps you’ll ever take, feeling a little apprehensive is totally natural. But in deciding that you’re ready to make this move, you’ve already made the biggest decision there is to make. From here forth, the minutiae are yours to have fun with – and to assist you in the process, we’re here today with our guide to sourcing the perfect alternative and ethical engagement ring in Brighton & Hove.



Ethical engagement ring shopping in Brighton's jewellery quarter

A bustling hub of art, craft, creativity and independent businesses, Brighton isn't short on jewellers. In fact, there are more than 40 jewellery stores pitched up side-by-side in the compact Lanes district alone. This is the highest number of independent, second-hand and antique jewellery shops per square mile anywhere in the UK outside of London! Emanating rustic ‘olde worlde’ character, the Lanes is a rabbit warren of winding snickets and charming buildings hailing from the 1790s, proud in its role as the historic heart of the city.

From vintage and antique jewellers to bespoke designers and off-the-shelf bridal jewellery retailers, the pool of options here in Brighton’s jewellery quarter is rich and varied. Along with myriad other qualities that make our city by the sea worth visiting, this wealth of choice is what lures engagement ring shoppers in, weekend after weekend.



Matt and Rosie’s bespoke horseshoe-inspired engagement ring, crafted in the UK using recycled platinum and conflict-free Canadian diamonds
Matt and Rosie’s bespoke horseshoe-inspired engagement ring, crafted in the UK using recycled platinum and conflict-free Canadian diamonds

Before you do anything, start by thinking carefully about your ethical priorities. At this moment in time, what do you feel is the definition of an ‘ethical engagement ring’?

Is it really important to you that your engagement ring is sympathetic to the climate crisis and minimal in environmental impact, making use only of metal and gemstones that are already above-ground? Would you in fact prefer to know that your engagement ring has been crafted using traceable materials that ensure the fair wages and long-term sustainability of artisanal miners, their families and their communities?

At Lebrusan Studio, the lens through which we view the world is The Doughnut Economics framework, which is a visual symbol of Earth’s social and planetary boundaries. Humanity’s challenge in the 21st century is to ensure that no human being falls short on socioeconomic essentials, whilst also taking collective care to not place too much pressure on Planet Earth’s life-supporting natural systems. An ideal world is a world where we can all exist comfortably within these boundaries; within the Doughnut. From our perspective, then, an ethical engagement ring is one that tends to both sides of this ‘ethics’ coin; one that incorporates a recycled material like a reclaimed diamond alongside a traceable and fair-traded material like Fairmined Ecological Gold.

For a little more guidance on what might constitute an ethical engagement ring, you may find our blog useful. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat. Then, once you’ve identified how an ethical engagement ring looks in your eyes, take some time to research the materials and processes that align with that vision and only seek jewellers who can offer you them.



In a small city so busy with voices and ideas, knowing where to begin on your journey to the perfect ethical engagement ring might feel a little daunting. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some local jewellery brands worth taking into consideration…

LEBRUSAN STUDIO • By appointment at St. Augustine’s Centre, BN1 6EA

Lebrusan Studio's Fancy Athena collection of engagement rings created in the UK using Fairtrade Gold, Fairmined Ecological Gold, recycled gold and fair-traded fancy sapphires

Well, it’d be rude not to shout ourselves out! For those of you visiting our website for the first time, we’re a leading ethical jewellery brand specialising in engagement rings and wedding bands, crafted exclusively in the UK using only materials that are either great in positive socioeconomic impact (like traceable Fairtrade Gold, Fairmined Ecological Gold and artisanal Ocean Diamonds) or minimal in environmental impact (like recycled gold and platinum and reclaimed diamonds and gemstones). Although we’re based primarily in Brighton, our designs are brought to life in London’s famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden, by skilled craftspeople in independent and largely family-run workshops. As well as championing sustainable materials and traditional British craftsmanship, we’re proud to put our money where our mouths are; donating a fixed quarterly sum to The Water Project and planting 10 new trees in Colombia for every piece of jewellery we sell.

Our engagement ring collections are characterised by intricate hand-engraving and delicate forms. Though the vast majority of our jewels are made to order, enabling an element of customisation, we also offer a small collection of ready-to-wear engagement rings for those in a hurry to pop the question. For a unique design that speaks higher volumes about your love than others, our bespoke service has facilitated many a special proposal. Drop us a line to book your Brighton consultation today; we endeavour to respond in no more than one working day.


SORREL BAYBrighton appointments on request

Hand-crafted in Brighton by Creative Director and Head Goldsmith Maria Walshe and her small team of skilled craftspeople, Sorrel Bay’s jewels are inspired by the women who wear them; confident, strong and independent. Maria’s distinctive designs are deliberately organic, with an unapologetic hand-crafted feel and diamonds and gemstones that boast natural ‘flaws’, symbolising the nature of their formation. This passion for Mother Nature is the reason for Maria’s commitment to Fairtrade Gold, recycled gold and traceable gemstones. “Each piece is respectfully created in great homage to its origins within the earth,” Sorrel Bay’s website tells us.

All Sorrel Bay’s collection jewels are one-of-a-kind or of a limited edition collection, but Maria is also pleased to offer a bespoke service.



If Baroque is known for anything, it’s its Lanes shopfront; opulent, enticing, and one of the reasons this small avant garde jeweller was awarded Best Boutique Jeweller at the 2022 UK Jewellery Awards. Underpinned by a team of designer goldsmiths, busy at work in the on-site workshop, Baroque’s identity is defined by exquisite craftsmanship and a flair for bringing bespoke visions to life. They’re proud to offer Fairtrade Gold, recycled gold, lab-grown diamonds and a variety of other traceable gemstones.


THE VINTAGE RING CO. • By appointment at St. Augustine’s Centre, BN1 6EA

The Vintage Ring Company's collection of sustainable engagement rings, pre-loved hailing from vintage and antique eras

A recent addition to Brighton’s antique jewellery scene, The Vintage Ring Co. is a new concept in second-hand jewellery. Co-founded by our Creative Director Arabel Lebrusan and jewellery journalist Claire Roberts, this fresh-faced brand exists to fill the gap where other vintage jewellers lacked in the departments of price and transparency, with an ultimate goal of making pre-loved jewellery more accessible and reliable. The Vintage Ring Co. boasts a carefully curated collection of engagement rings – all sourced directly by Arabel and Claire - which span a broad spectrum of eras and prices, thus appealing to a variety of stylistic preferences, lifestyles and budgets. Every jewel is assessed by an independent valuer, cleaned and repaired where necessary, and sold with a unique certificate of authenticity which offers as much information as possible about its quality and origins. The Vintage Ring Co. team doesn’t have a storefront but are instead available to meet up over coffee, inviting clients to try on all rings in a neutral and relaxed setting. Drop them an email to get the ball rolling.

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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

Ruby McGonigle is a copywriter and digital marketing professional with over five years of jewellery industry experience. After graduating with a BA in Linguistics, she combined her passions for written word and all things sparkly by joining the Lebrusan Studio team as in-house wordsmith and content creator. Among bi-monthly blog posts, notable examples of Ruby's work include a think-piece on the ‘natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds’ debate, a probe into why traceable and third party certified ASM gold is so important, and an investigation of why platinum is no longer more expensive than gold.