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Fairmined transforms mining into an active source of good, providing people with a source of gold to feel proud of.

When asked why people should buy their Fairmined Gold, Mrs. Bolormaa and Mrs. Dolgorsuren - two out of the three women members of the XAMODX mining organisation - say the premium makes a huge difference in how it covers the wider needs of the community.

These people are proud to be Fairmined certified. It means they can support local development and set an example for other miners, not just in Mongolia, but across Asia. Thanks to their Fairmined certification, they can afford to invest in a brick production shop and in cattle herds, diversifying the sources of income for their community. Mrs. Bolormaa has subsequently been able to cover her children's tuition fees.



Lebrusan Studio's Fairmined license

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered artisanal and small-scale mining operations. Thanks to the Fairmined Standard, when you buy Fairmined Gold and associated precious metals, you can rest assured that you're supporting mines that are responsibly managed, with safe working conditions and fair wages the utmost priority.

Fairmined is backed by a rigorous third party certification and audit system that ensures that artisanal and small-scale mining organisations meet world standards for responsible practices. To help organisations reach these standards, they facilitate organisational and social development and deliver environmental protection.

The Fairmined initiative was developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a non-profit organisation globally recognised as a pioneer of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining.

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Fairmined Ecological Gold

Fairmined Ecological Gold is produced under the same strict mining standards as Fairmined Gold in terms of social, organisational and economic criteria. But, there is one key difference. Whilst regular Fairmined Gold is produced under responsible management and reduced use of toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide, miners producing Fairmined Ecological Gold do not use any toxic chemicals whatsoever. 

"This is why we love Fairmined Ecological Gold: conflict-free, mercury-free AND cyanide-free. What could be better?" - Arabel Lebrusan


A Fairmined Ecological Gold miner at the XAMODX mine in Mongolia

The Fairmined Ecological Gold we currently use comes from Mongolia, from the non-governmental mining organisation called XAMODX. Made up of roughly 2,000 members, this community depends primarily on mining. Women miners participate actively in the leadership of XAMODX, which was formally established as a non-governmental mining organisation in 2009 as a means to protect the rights and improve the livelihoods of legal miners.



Fine jewellery crafted from Fairmined Ecological Gold

We were extremely proud to gain our Fairmined certification in 2016. Since then, our Founder & Designer Arabel has visited the La Llanada mining community in Colombia - the second of only two places in the world currently producing Fairmined Ecological Gold.

We currently offer Fairmined Ecological Gold across our collections, from our engagement rings to our wedding rings and our bespoke commissions, as well as our ready-to-go jewels. It's a popular choice, and one we're always proud to incorporate. 

To celebrate and assure your jewel's Fairmined Ecological Gold provenance, it's stamped with the official Fairmined hallmark at London's Assay Office.