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A Diamond

Ever since Tiffany & Co. debuted the revolutionary Tiffany® Setting in 1886, a solitaire diamond engagement ring has remained the quintessential romantic symbol. The hardest natural substance known to man and formed over billions of years, a diamond really is forever; synonymous with lifelong commitment. Whether you opt for a brilliant white Canadian diamond that dances under the light, an old-cut recycled diamond that oozes vintage charm or a champagne diamond with movie star quality, our promise to you is one of longevity, timelessness and responsible provenance.

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A coloured gemstone

Engagement rings with colour needn't be seen as outlandish; in fact, coloured gemstones like rubies and sapphires have long been favoured choices for everyday jewellery thanks to their resilience. What about a pop of cornflower blue to celebrate the colour of those beautiful eyes you fell in love with? A verdant green gem that nods to her love of the great outdoors? A cluster of crimson rubies to pay homage to her July birthday? A colorful engagement ring is an opportunity for symbolism and an injection of fun into the everyday.

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