We're committed to sourcing ethical coloured gemstones and pearls, the mining of production of which we know hasn't resulted in environmental damage or violation of human rights. Coloured gemstones and pearls can travel through the hands of many dealers until they reach their final destination in a beautiful piece of jewellery. For us, it's vital that we can trace ours back through these long and fragmented journeys to their source. 

We work with carefully selected and trusted suppliers to ensure that each little natural miracle we use is totally conflict- and exploitation-free.



Our beautiful, fair-traded coloured gemstones are mined using best practice principles, with environmental protection, fair labour conditions and community benefit of the utmost importance. Our trusted suppliers ensure a fully transparent and certified supply chain, allowing us to trace each and every stone back to its source.

All of our sapphires are traceable and usually come from Australia, Malawi or the US. Our rubies come from Malawi, as well.

When you buy an engagement ring with a coloured gemstone, we'll provide you with a certificate stating the specific origin of your special, personal stone.



Beginning her jewellery journey as a fashion jewellery designer, our Founder and Designer Arabel once witnessed offices in Hong Kong filled to the brim with tons and tons of Chinese freshwater pearls, grown forcefully inside molluscs in lakes around the country. These molluscs often exist in highly polluted conditions, yet produce pearls at breakneck speed. This scene left Arabel with a sour taste, uncomfortable about the obscene volumes of natural material produced by living creatures in questionable circumstances. Because of this experience, Arabel spent years hesitant to design pearl jewellery - until visiting the eco-friendly Huahine Nui pearl farm in 2016 and learning all about Tahitian pearls.

Unfortunately, the Huahine Nui pearl farm doesn’t export their beautiful black pearls - so Arabel made sure she purchased enough on the spot to create some beautiful bespoke jewels back in Brighton. Contact us to learn more!