At Lebrusan Studio, we are champions of exquisite craftsmanship; the intangible cultural heritage that is time-honoured tools and techniques, knowledge and skills passed from one generation down to the next.

For many years, lace-like filigree was Lebrusan Studio's signature accent and a homage to our Creative Director's Spanish roots. These iconic filigree rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces are the creations of Lorenzo, a master artisan based in a small family-run workshop on Via de la Plata, an ancient commercial pilgrimage path crossing the west of Spain from north to south.

Working right into his eighties, Lorenzo retired in 2022. Synonymous with Lebrusan Studio, his work was incredibly nuanced and distinctive, his touch deft and his attention to detail razor-sharp. To replace him feels, for now, impossible.

With no plans to manufacture any new filigree jewellery for the foreseeable future, we would instead like to celebrate the masterpieces of the past; to continue telling their stories and keeping Lorenzo's flame lit.

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