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How to Design the Perfect Engagement Ring

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How to Design the Perfect Engagement Ring

In this post you will hear about Phil, who doesn’t stop until he gets exactly the engagement ring design he wants for his wife to be. You'll also learn how changes in a bespoke design can evolve and get some design tips for your perfect engagement ring.

 "I really enjoyed the process of designing the engagement ring. Arabel's initial ideas and designs were really good, and then we went back and forth with me choosing my favourites and suggesting changes. Arabel's ideas were great all the way through and I was really pleased with the final result.

The process was great because it allowed me to give a personal touch to the engagement ring, but guided by Arabel's wonderful designs and imagination. When I received the ring I was blown away by it, and the ideas that we had developed on paper transferred really well into the final result.

I would recommend Arabel's service to anyone who wants obtain something unique and personal. Her way of working is really flexible, and the results are worth every penny."

Phillip, 2012


It's just before Christmas and Phillip emails me asking for my bespoke service and he sends through some images of rings he likes, but complaining that he hasn’t found the perfect one yet. He has decided to go the bespoke route and I am pleased with his request of style and budget. He seems like he has thought about this a lot. I like that, it makes the process all the more smoother.

So I get my hands to work and start drawing designs. I send him my first 3 different styles based on the styles he has suggested.

Arabel Lebrusan Bespoke Ring Designs

He is pleased with the designs but his favourite is Design 3 so he asks me to elaborate on the details.

Arabel Lebrusan Bespoke Ring DesignArabel Lebrusan Ring Design

He really likes them both and asks me if we can incorporate a central stone from Design 3B into design 3A, as he prefers the pointy ends and distribution of the stones.

And THIS is the one. An amazing unique and exclusive ring made especially for Chiara who is going to wear it for the rest of her life. And she is going to wear it with pride, because it was only him who decided on the design, I was just the knowledgeable hand suggesting the steps and supporting the design.

 "I really love my engagement ring. I feel it's really unique and suits my style very well. The fact that it has a personal touch makes it even more special."

Chiara & Philip Wedding Day Arabel Lebrusan Ring Design

Chiara and Phillip on their wedding day


A few design tips for you if you are thinking about commissioning a bespoke design:
Arabel Lebrusan Ring Design


The asymmetry of the distribution of the small stones make this ring extra special
Keeping the central stone small, but concentrating on a good design keeps the budget low.




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      Helen Dredge
      Helen Dredge