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Unusual Jewellery Is Our Mantra

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Unusual Jewellery Is Our Mantra

What’s even more special than an expertly crafted, ethically sourced, visually stunning piece of fine jewellery? Having that piece custom created to befit the vision in your mind, of course.

"We love helping you turn your unique perspective into a tangible heirloom piece which will have everyone who sees it talking."

This is accomplished through our popular bespoke commission service. We work with you to come up with whatever unusual jewellery you can imagine, and bring it to life in brilliant precious metals and sparkling gemstones.

Bespoke Filigree Earrings

There are virtually no limits to the creativity that can be manifested via our bespoke service, like these Gun Filigree Diamond Earrings. The exquisite detail, from the intricately inlaid diamonds right down to the tiny trigger, the custom craftsmanship speaks for itself. Choose from fair trade certified metals with ethically sourced gemstones, or traditionally sourced materials.

Bespoke: Perfect for All Occasions

There are countless events which present the ideal opportunity to gift – or receive – an incredible piece of custom designed unusual jewellery. Just a few ideas to inspire include:

  • Engagement rings: Your bride-to-be is one of a kind and she deserves a ring as special as she is. Whether she’s bold and contemporary, or an earthy nature lover, with bespoke you can take all of her unique qualities and put them into a piece made specifically for who she is.
  • New baby: Few things are more special than a new life being brought into the world. Show the new mother, whether she’s your wife, or your daughter, how much this amazing event means to you with an unusual jewellery piece as different and awe-inspiring as the brand-new little one. The baby’s birthstone would serve as the ideal centrepiece for such a gift.
  • Anniversaries: It’s always tricky to find that one anniversary gift that will melt her heart and remind her of your unending devotion. We like to be different and offer something totally unique – unlike anything available on the high street. Your special someone will definitely be able to tell you went out of your way to create a gift with heartfelt meaning behind it.

Bespoke Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly pendant in 18ct gold with colour enamel and set with diamonds.

"It’s easy to walk into a shop and purchase something off the shelf, but when you really want to express how much thought and love you put into a gift, we make it easy for you to give a truly unusual jewellery piece that will last a lifetime."

Feel inspired to create a bespoke jewel for your loved one, or upcycle some of your old jewellery? Then view our gallery for examples of our work and get in touch for your bespoke consultation. We can work with any budget so start your jewellery journey today.

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Love, Arabel 


Helen Dredge
Helen Dredge