Looking down at your left hand, you sigh and think "I'm finally married!" It might have been a surprising journey, a long journey or a classic fairytale wedding story, and it finishes with those rings on your finger.

You have been gathering compliments and coming down from the clouds after weeks or months of wedding planning. Yet, it all began with that proposal and the presentation of the engagement ring.

If it was a proposal without a ring, you still have a wedding ring sitting there contentedly on your left hand ring finger. And yet, why? Why do we always place those bands on the left hand's ring finger? Whether you are someone with traditional or risky style, it is likely that one or both of those rings ended up on that very traditional finger.


Ancient History

The answer to that question is quite endearing, and if the inside of your band features some form of beautiful engraving with a powerful sentiment shared between you and your partner, it is going to be even more significant.

Why? Well, the reason we wear wedding jewellery on the left hand dates to Ancient Rome. It was then that people would place a wedding band on the left hand because it was that hand that held the "vena amoria" or vein of love. This was a vein the Roman's believed went directly to the heart and was the perfect place to keep such a potent symbol of love and commitment.


Modern Rules

Of course, most rules applying to weddings and marriage have gone the way of the dodo bird, and today your ring doesn’t have to match your partner, nor does it have to be on the left hand. In fact, historically and traditionally, lots of European countries have looked to the right hand as the ideal spot for a wedding band. Places like Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, Latvia and others have typically viewed the right hand as the "right" place for the rings. In Spain, where I'm from, we wear the rings on our right hand.


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Rules of Engagement…Rings

It is also significant to know that the rules and etiquette about engagement rings indicate that the right hand is a perfectly acceptable place for it, too. It is a lovely and special ring, and you don't always have to wear it with the wedding band. In fact, many opt to wear engagement rings on special occasions. It could be because the ring itself is delicate and thin, or that the setting snags or does not hold the stone as securely as it might.

So, realistically, the wedding and engagement rings are not always or only worn on the left hand. In many Western countries like the UK, Canada and the US, as well as some parts of Europe and South America, that is the tradition. In the end, the choice is yours.

If you feel that everyone has the normal wedding rings or wears them in the traditional way, you can emulate. You can also be entirely unique and make your wedding jewellery something you wear in the way you feel is best. You took the time to select it carefully, the way you wear it is yours to choose, too.

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