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Choosing an Engagement Ring to Match Her Personality

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Choosing an Engagement Ring to Match Her Personality

So much more than a mere amalgamation of precious materials on the finger, an engagement ring’s true beauty is in its symbolism. It’s an everlasting emblem of adoration and commitment; fabled and totally unique.Her engagement ring will forever act as a reflection of your devotion to her – but it’s important that it’s also reflective of her as an individual.


This blog will guide you through the uncharted waters of engagement ring design – from centre-stone to style, setting and final details. Our expert advice will help you to fine-tune your options until you reach the engagement ring that matches her one-in-a-million personality.



Start by deciding on the centrepiece.

Colourless diamonds are an engagement ring classic; timeless, elegant and oozing with class. If she tends to favour the traditional, a ring set with a brilliant white diamond is a safe bet that will not disappoint. Our Venus ring is THE quintessential diamond solitaire.

Red is the colour of our most intense emotions: love, anger and passion. It’s a shade associated with objects of power and desire, like fast cars or roses. Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the blood flowing through their veins, believing that they held the power of life. The scarlet ruby is a sultry, sumptuous pick, perfect for the girl with a lust for life. The four-prong setting of our ruby Athena ring allows the crimson crux to take centre-stage.

Blue sapphires are regal, flaunted through history by the likes of Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor. The sapphire is thought to symbolise nobility, trust and faithfulness, making it a solid choice for the girl who’s always dreamt of being a princess with her very own Happily Ever After. The magical central sapphire in our Foliage ring is adorned by hand-engraved flora.

Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are ‘cardinal gems’; historically considered precious above all others. Their luxury status and high scores on the Mohs Hardness Scale make them ideal for once-in-a-lifetime jewels like engagement rings. However, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to white, red and blue!

A lab-grown diamond in a cheery yellow hue – like that found in our Hera collection - is a sure-fire way to put a smile on the face of a sunshine-loving, free-spirited girl. An ethically-sourced sapphire in pastel pink or soft mauve would settle seamlessly into the wardrobe of somebody elegant and feminine. Whichever segment of the colour wheel you opt for, any gemstone that’s unusual in hue is a guaranteed conversation-starter; perfect for the lady who enjoys breaking the mould.



There are endless engagement ring varieties to choose from, but three styles in particular ooze timeless bridal class.

The solitaire is characterised by a single gemstone – typically a white diamond – sitting proudly atop the band. Much like the colourless diamond, this style is a timeless classic, perfect for the bride-to-be who appreciates the traditional and understated.

The halo  encases a central stone with an aura of smaller gems. This style carries the potential for serious bling; a seductive choice for the lady who appreciates sparkle and the act of drawing attention.

The trilogy  sees a slightly elevated central stone flanked by two smaller stones. The three gems in the trilogy setting represent the past, the present and the future; perfect for the sentimental bride who appreciates romantic symbolism and jewellery that packs meaning.



In 1886, Tiffany & Co. debuted their revolutionary six-claw Tiffany® Setting, the first design ever to elevate the stone from the band. This classic six-prong mount is a quintessential feature of the traditional solitaire; the perfect shout for the lady who appreciates timeless design.

Similar to the Tiffany Setting is the raised four-prong mount, which can be found elevating gems from our Fancy Athena collection to our Cybele and nature-inspired rings. A claw setting is designed to enhance a gemstone’s natural radiance by allowing light to enter and leave at every angle. It’s ideal for the bride-to-be who likes her jewellery to dazzle and stand proud. However, prong settings are delicate and pronounced, so aren’t the most practical pick for somebody who works with her hands or plays a lot of sport.

The rub-over setting secures the gemstone in a metal casing which is folded all the way around to catch the hips of the gem at its widest point and lock it into place. When complete, the stone is surrounded by metal, creating a halo effect with a smooth profile. Though slightly more modest than a pronged mount, this contemporary setting is an ideal pick for the active bride-to-be, its flat contour minimising the risk of the gemstone catching. If she favours practicality and forward-thinking design, she’ll love the streamlined rings in our Fancy Hera and Hera collections.



You know your loved one better than anybody else in the world. Perhaps there’s something personal you’d like to say with a custom inner-band engraving? Maybe you know she’ll appreciate the creativity and artistic skill of one of our signature hand-engraved motifs? It may be that she adores the great outdoors; in which case, a delicate nature-inspired detail could be the touch that melts her heart.

Whether you choose from our versatile bridal collections or make the most of our award-winning bespoke service, the world is your oyster. This ring is yours to make all hers.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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