How Do I Know The Ring Is Real?

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How Do I Know The Ring Is Real?

Perhaps you were recently given an engagement ring, or you found an heirloom ring in some family belongings; now you want to know if the ring is real. Metals like gold and real diamonds and other gemstones have specific characteristics that can be measured in order to find out if they are real.

Is the ring real?


There are many ways to test the metal of your ring. One of the first ways that many people discover their ring isn’t real gold or silver is thanks to the green ring around their finger when they wear it.

"If you develop a greenish tint to your finger when wearing a “gold” ring, that ring is definitely not real."

Another way you can check a gold ring is to place it in a glass of water. Real gold will sink to the bottom. For the same reason, a real gold ring has a bit of heft in your hand. An 18-carat gold ring will definitely feel solid on your finger. You should notice the weight.
Depending on the type of metal, you may also be able to find a hallmark. A hallmark is a legal requirement on certain weights of certain metals. You should see up to five marks on the inside of a ring: the sponsor’s mark, the standard mark, and the Assay office mark are the legally required marks. If the metal was a fair-trade item, it should also have a mark indicating this fact.

Diamonds and Gemstones

The stone is the item on your ring that you are likely to be concerned with. Fake diamonds are getting more realistic every year; even the old scratch test can be faked by a strong substitution.


There are a few low-tech tests you can try that can tell you with at least a small degree of certainty that your diamond is real. For example, diamonds are excellent heat conductors; for this reason, if you fog your breath on the diamond like a mirror, the fog should clear up almost instantly. However, moissanite can also pass this test. You can also compare the weight of your diamond to a known cubic zirconia of the same size, if you happen to have one. CZ is far denser than a real diamond, so it should feel nearly 50% heavier.
However, to be certain, there are some affordable diamond pens you can buy. These electronic probes test the heat conducting ability of a gem. Once again, a high quality moissanite gemstone can fool these items in some cases. The absolute best way to be sure that a diamond is real is to ask an experienced jeweller to inspect the gem.

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 "We will verify that everything is real, and diamonds come with a certificate proving that they are real and were ethically mined in Canada."

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Arabel Lebrusan
Arabel Lebrusan

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