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Should I propose at Christmas?

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Should I propose at Christmas?

Mistletoe, wine, children singing Christian rhymes – and a surprise engagement ring to symbolise the beginning of the rest of time?

The notion of a Christmas proposal is something of a room-divider; romantic in the eyes of some and a turn-off in those of others. If you’re mulling over whether to pop the question this festive period, we’re here to steer you in the right direction for you and your partner with an unbiased exploration of the pros and cons.



Ready-to-wear Fancy Hera engagement ring, crafted with 18ct recycled yellow gold and a 0.5ct oval-cut Sri Lankan sapphire in ice blue

At its core, Christmas is a holiday associated with love and sharing. For some, this sentiment serves as a romantic symbol of commitment to one another.

Defined by decoration and jollification, it’s also a celebratory time of year. For those who derive joy from the twinkling of lights and sequinned party get-ups, the Christmas context can lend an additional layer of meaning and magic to an already-special proposal. The festive period and all its sparkling symbols would become synonymous with this milestone in your relationship.

It’s worth taking this implication seriously, though; associating your special day so closely with Christmas is a long-term commitment. If you’re confident that your partner and you are staunch enough in your love of the holidays for this inextricable relationship to age gracefully, Christmas could be a fitting time for you to become engaged. However, if you foresee your relationship with Christmas evolving over the years and would prefer your engagement to take on an identity that doesn’t run parallel to that, we’d advise keeping the two occasions separate.



A well-dressed gathering of  ready-to-wear engagement rings

It’s not often in our busy adult lives that we find ourselves settled in one place with friends and family, pausing purely for the purpose of celebration. A festive proposal capitalises on this dynamic, with some of the most important people in your life already gathered to share the exciting moment with you. A ready-made engagement party!

That said, not everybody is on board with taking the leap in such a public forum. If you feel you and your partner are better suited to an intimate occasion, enabling you to hold your special news dear to the two of you in the first instance, planning a private proposal at a quieter time of year is a safer bet.



Mark’s bespoke engagement ring, crafted using 18ct Fairmined Ecological Gold, a rose-cut pink Sri Lankan sapphire and Canadian diamonds

If your partner is a person who has always adored Christmas – perhaps always dreamt of a Christmas proposal – there may be an unwritten expectation that you will pull out the stops at this time of year.

For example, one of the first things our client Mark learned about Allyson was her love for the festive period. In his mind, there was no question about it: When the time came to pop the question, the question would be popped at Christmas. As a West End performer, Allyson is always on stage somewhere on Christmas Eve. “It’s become tradition for me to attend that show on my own, and then we both go home together for Christmas,” Mark told us. “Performing in Hamilton is a dream come true for Allyson. As such, I decided that an on-stage proposal after the show would add to the magic of it all - at the Palace Theatre, no less! … Christmas 2019 will be one to remember.”

If you - like Mark – recognise that decked halls and boughs of holly are the substance that makes your loved one tick, a festive proposal is an incredibly thoughtful way of showing them that you see them, understand them, and wish to make them happy.

However, this proposal also belongs to you. It’s important to take your own feelings into consideration and not be steered into any event that doesn’t feel like a comfortable fit for you, too.

Equally, for those who find the holiday season particularly busy, stressful, or difficult to enjoy, cranking up the intensity by way of a Christmas proposal is probably not a good idea. If you know your partner is short on time or enthusiasm in December, do your special moment justice by holding off for a month of the year that would enable it to flourish with more breathing room.



Ready-to-wear Fancy Athena engagement ring, crafted using 18ct recycled yellow gold and a 1.1ct oval-cut yellow Sri Lankan sapphire

For small businesses like ours, the run-up to Christmas is often a busy period, subject to possible delays at the hands of holiday closures and high workloads. If you wish to commission a bespoke engagement ring, planning a festive proposal requires enough forethought for your unique jewel to be completed and delivered to you in time.

However, if you’re overcome by the last-minute urge to leave 2023 with a bang, we have the perfect solution to your romantic hankering. Each lovingly hand-crafted in London’s Hatton Garden using a combination of responsible materials, our ready-to-wear engagement rings are as exquisite and considered; their quick and convenient nature by no means detracting from their inherent specialness. Any piece from this limited collection is deliverable in as few as three working days, and we’ll also offer one free resize any time within the first year of purchase.

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