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What is a trilogy engagement ring?

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What is a trilogy engagement ring?

The three-stone engagement ring is a design classic.

First thrust to the fore during the Victorian era, it has since remained a consistent go-to for society’s most romantic, donned recently by stars such as Miranda Kerr and Nicole Kidman. It wasn’t until Harry popped the question to Meghan in 2017 with a trilogy ring boasting a 3ct cushion-cut central diamond, however, that we saw the three-stone engagement ring rise through the ranks. Today, we’ll explore the trilogy engagement ring in its all timeless glory, from its deeply romantic symbolism to its diverse variety of forms.



Our Demeter design, customisable with gemstones and a band engraving

Deriving its name from the Greek tri-(‘three times’) and –logia(‘story’), the trilogy engagement ring is characterised by three gemstones set side-by-side. Though the most prototypical trilogy design consists of three round diamonds in a ‘graduated’ formation (meaning the central stone is slightly larger and more elevated than those flanking) there are no real rules when it comes to gemstone type, colour, shape or size. In fact, the trilogy ring offers a great deal of flexibility on the design front, making it a popular choice amongst our bespoke engagement ring clients. At Lebrusan Studio, we particularly love the appearance of a striking coloured centrepiece with smaller diamonds either side, like that of our sapphire Demeter or bespoke Mary engagement rings.

Though most popularly gifted as an engagement ring, trilogy rings can also serve as wedding bands or commitment rings; particularly those with stones of equal size, creating a consistent, band-like coverage of the finger.



Our bespoke Josh engagement ring, set with a recycled diamond and green Montana sapphires

The most widely regarded symbolism of the trilogy ring is the concept of eternity, with its three stones representing the past, the present and the future respectively. This celebration of shared memories and promise of lifelong commitment is what makes the trilogy design so apt for an engagement ring marking the beginning of forever.

The trilogy ring’s three stones are also thought to reference the vow to ‘love, honour and cherish’ made during Western wedding ceremonies, and less commonly the grounding concepts of ‘friendship’, ‘love’ and ‘devotion’.

The Victorian era saw the introduction of proper etiquette among society’s upper echelons, with a number of new rules prohibiting outright flirtations between individuals. It’s no surprise, then, that the trilogy ring was one of a variety of symbolic jewels to emerge from this era, conveying tender emotions that couldn’t be addressed out loud.



Our ready-to-wear Theia engagement ring, set with white Sri Lankan sapphires

Big fans of jewels with inherent symbolic meaning, we’re lucky enough to have designed a broad range of trilogy rings over the years. Those at the more quintessential end of the scale, with their graduated diamond formations, are our Carina and Demeter designs.

With her hefty marquise-cut centrepiece and trillion-cut flanking stones, our ready-to-wear Theia ring (still available to buy!) is a slightly less traditional take on the concept.

Meanwhile, our archive of bespoke creations is a treasure trove of unusual three-stone designs, from Alex’s Golden Snitch-inspired concept to Ollie’s delicate nature-inspired design and Natalie’s glamorous, Art Deco-esque ring.

Feeling inspired? We'd be honoured to play a part in your special story. If you'd like to mark a special occasion with a unique trilogy ring of your own, contact us today to learn more about our award-winning bespoke service.


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