When you close your eyes and picture your wedding band, what is it you see? It is important to have a ring that satisfies your personal style, preferences and even your budget.

Yet, it also has to be a ring that lets you feel as special as possible. Whether your tastes run to traditional or risky, you should see them in your choice of wedding band. And that is where the issue of an eternity ring might enter the equation.


Be Unique and Special

An eternity ring, is a specific style of ring. They are named like that because they have diamonds, or sometimes sapphires, rubies or other gemstones, going all around the band symbolising the endlessness of eternity.

"Eternity rings are usually given to celebrate an special occasion in someone's life"

This means it can just as easily work as a wedding band since there are many wedding bands fitted with diamonds, whether the entire band or only half. 


Questions to Ask Yourself

Traditional wedding bands are often just plain metal, precious metal, and have developed along such lines in order to ensure they were comfortable to wear and remained in fashion as the years passed.

That makes sense. After all, we always advise shoppers to ask themselves some very pointed questions about the rings they have in mind. For example, "will I like my wedding band when I'm 60?" is always an ideal question to pose - particularly if you are going for a more unique look. Will that eternity ring you are in love with today work with the vision you have of yourself at 60?


Altair Half Microset Ethical Ring, Diamond & 18ct Fairtrade Gold

Altair Half Microset Ethical Ring, Diamond & 18ct Fairtrade Gold


Half Eternity or Full Eternity

Your wedding day is special, and you are unique. Only you can decide if a full or half band of gorgeous diamonds is what you crave in a wedding band. A half band will be usually half of the price of a full band, so if you have a tight budget, this is something to consider carefully.

A half band will tend to turn around on your finger. If you are a bit of a perfectionist, and want your beautiful set to always look perfect and gather all the compliments, you might find yourself turning your half eternity ring again and again to keep the diamonds on top. 

Eternity rings tend to work very well with traditional mums. So if you are worrying about your mum approving your diamond eternity wedding ring, you might find she loves the idea. 

Cherish Diamond Eternity Ring

Cherish Full Diamond Ethical Gold Eternity Wedding Ring, 18ct Fairtrade Gold


What about Ethics?

If you are someone concerned with the origin of materials and ethical jewellery, you might have some hard choices to make. The main difference will be type of gemstones and pricing.

Currently, there is a lack of transparency in small diamonds, meaning, "we don't know exactly where those sparkling little diamonds come from". And if you don't know where they come from, you cannot make an informed judgment about how good/bad they have been sourced.

Yes, they will probably be Kimberley certified, but unfortunately that is not enough assurance for an ethical jewellery like myself. We are in the process of sourcing small Canadian origin diamonds for eternity rings, so watch this space. Until then, if you want an ethical gemstones, traceable sapphires might be your best bet. The good news is that they come in multiple colours!

Sourcing ethical gold, like Fairtrade Gold and Fairmined Gold, is a bit more costly but totally worth it and has a great story to tell your friends. If you are an ethics-oriented shopper, you should have the fairytale wedding ring of your dreams with all the feel good factors.

If you want to learn more about ethics in jewellery, make sure you keep reading in our Beautiful Ethics page.


But it doesn't match my partners

Rules are flexible where weddings are concerned, and you can make the entire experience a unique reflection of you and your partner. Your ring doesn't have to match your partner's and can be as delicate and thin or bold as you prefer. If the idea of a band of precious gems appeals, it is entirely acceptable for you to choose one.

Whatever you choose be unique. And if you need a bit of inspiration, come over to our Wedding Rings Collections and have a browse around, you might find the wedding ring of your dreams!